Interview: Sophia Alexa

I’m a big, big lover of finding upcoming talent on Twitter and watching their videos on YouTube. Recently, I discovered  Sophia Alexa (), and what a great discovery she was!
Sophia,who is only 17, is a singer-songwriter from California who was raised in Amsterdam  and is now currently writing and recording her own original songs. ‘Never Forever’ is one of Sophia’s original songs which combines Sophia’s unique vocals along with the use of her acoustic guitar to create a catchy song. Have a listen to the track below, and if you like it, which I am sure you’ll LOVE it- I know I did, then make sure you subscribe to her, like her videos and give her a follow on Twitter. Sophia is all about the fans and loves speaking to them, so the chances are you’ll even get a follow back!

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I was lucky enough to spend some time interviewing Sophia and finding out a little bit more about her, her music and her future plans! Take a read a what happened below:



Hey, Sophia! How are you? Tell us a bit about yourself for those of you who haven’t heard of you before. 

I am Sophia Alexa, a singer-songwriter from California and raised in Amsterdam. I just turned 17 years old and have had a passion for music since I was 6!

6!? That is a long time! So, how would you describe your genre/style of music? 

I would describe my music as slightly folk/indie but also pop/r&b.

That’s a nice variation, gives something for everyone! Who has been your biggest influence on your style and music then? 

My biggest influences have always been Corrine Bailey Rae and Lauryn Hill. I love everything about them, down to their lyrics, their melodies and their voices. Corrine’s music inspired me to start writing because I saw that her music was so filled with feelings and emotions that it convinced me to write songs about how I was feeling.

I’ve recently listened to your original song ‘never forever’ and I absolutely love it!! Can people expect more originals coming from you this year? 

Most of my YouTube channel is just originals, so you can defiantly expect more coming! I love sharing my own music with people, it feels like such an accomplishment.

Finally, what is your biggest goal for 2016? 

my biggest goal for 2016 is to write a lot of songs that I am proud of and make one or two EP’s.


I can’t wait for the EP’s! Thank you. 

I loved chatting to Sophia, she is such a lovely down to earth girl, which really does come across in her music. I can 100% recommend to go and listen to her because I can guarantee that you will love her songs! Why not go check for yourself?
Follow her on Twitter and say hey, her Twitter is . And, whilst you’re there you’ll also want to subscribe to her YouTube, right?  .Get backing her guys, because Sophia has a lot more to come and needs everyone’s support!



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