Review: The Vamps Wake Up Tour 2016

Last week was a pretty exciting and very, very busy week for me. I spent the week travelling to different cities for The Vamps Wake Up Arena Tour, which was absolutely incredible. I had an amazing week, and I met so many lovely people, whilst also watching some incredible support acts and of course, seeing The Vamps do what they do best and entertain the crowd.

From Liverpool to Sheffield, to Manchester, the 3 dates I attended were all equally as incredible and left me enjoying every second of every show from start to end. I was so lucky and had amazing tickets for each show. In Liverpool, although I had upper tier I was on the block by the stage, so had a perfect view of the show. For Sheffield, I was lucky enough to have wow pit standing tickets on the right-hand side of the stage. Finally, for Manchester I had Block A, which was the front block of the floor seating.

Support Acts

Supporting The Vamps on their Wake Up tour was 4 very talented artists: HomeTown, Conor MaynardThe Tide and for a special appearance during Oh Cecilia, New Hope Club joined The Vamps on stage.
HomeTown, an Irish boyband, sang a collection of their own songs and covers. I had previously heard their song Where I Belong which, if you haven’t heard it, is so catchy that it will be in your head for days, and this didn’t disappoint when they sang it live.
Conor Maynard’s stage presence was incredible and he got everyone in the arena dancing every time. It was great seeing Conor perform all of his old hits including Turn Around, R U Crazy and Animal, and from the response the audience gave him, it was evident that they enjoyed the songs. Personally, my favourite song is Animal, so I was so glad that Conor sang this song as I think that this song is such an upbeat song that it instantly gets the crowd dancing and pumped up for a concert.
I saw The Tide support The Vamps on the last tour, and I was so excited to watch them again. Remembering how they were during the last tour I was looking forward to watching them give a lively performance. I really enjoyed their own songs which they sang, in particular, their latest single Young Love, which I absolutely love!! Young Love was a great song to get the crowd ready for The Vamps, it was performed full of energy and with great crowd interaction.

The Vamps 

I have seen The Vamps so many times, and each time they just get better and better. The set list for the Wake Up tour was a well-balanced mixture of songs from the first and second album, and also included a cover medley.
For each venue, the setup of the arena consisted of a typical stage, with a runway down to the back of the arena forming the second stage. I thought that this was a very good set up because for the people sat at the back of the arenas the concert can feel less intimate because the artists are further away from them. Having the runway and the second stage allowed the people at the back of the arena to also connect with the band which increased their intimacy of the concert, therefore, making it more personal and enjoyable for people in all seats of the arena.
During Oh Cecilia, The Vamps had newly signed band New Hope Club join them on stage, and instead of The Vamps singing the song, they handed over the responsibility to New Hope Club who smashed it every single night. Obviously, having the boys come on stage and sing Oh Cecilia instead of The Vamps performing it was a risk because people were at the concert for The Vamps. However, I can say that New Hope Club never disappointed and every date I went to they had everyone on their feet dancing and singing along. New Hope Club are 3 very talented boys and with this in mind, as well as the connection they have as a band, you know that success is the only option for the band. Their vocals each night were flawless, the only downside is we only got to see them sing the one song! Because we only got to see them perform one song when I got home I went and checked out their YouTube which was full of covers which sounded insane! I highly recommend going and watching their covers on YouTube (click here!) My favourite has got to be their cover of Zayn’s Pillowtalk where their vocal abilities are really shown throughout the song. This is 100% my favourite cover that anyone has done of this song so I really recommend checking it out!
The energy throughout the concert from all 4 boys was commendable. Tristan performed an amazing drum solo which got the arena dancing and watching in amazement at his raw talent playing the drums. Brad was full of energy throughout the whole concert, and left me feeling worn out watching him run up and down the catwalk and stage giving it 110%!  James and Connor gave an incredible acoustic performance of Written Off and Risk It All, which highlighted their vocal abilities wonderfully.
In my opinion, the set design and lighting for the concert were amazing. In particular, the set design during Volcano was amazing. The use of pyrotechnics during this song created the scene well for the song. The pyrotechnics continued throughout the show and another highlight was doing the final song which was Wake Up when there was a massive flaming ‘V’ at the back of the stage, which looked so cool. Wake Up was the perfect upbeat song to end the concert on, and was made even more perfect by the confetti and sparks filling the arena.
Overall, I have had such an amazing week and I am so sad that it is over. During the past week, I have travelled to 3 cities and met some incredible people and created so many memories that I will never forget. I am already missing the tour so much, and I can’t wait for the next tour, which if this one is anything to go by will be AMAZING. I’d like to thank everyone for making the past week so nice for me and I love you all!!

I’d love to share some of my memories from the past week with you, so why not take a look in the gallery below at what I got up to!

Twitter Links: 

HomeTown (Cian, Dayl, Ryan, Brendan, Josh and Dean)
Conor Maynard 
The Tide ( Levi, Austin, Nate, Drew)
New Hope Club (Reece, Blake, George)
The Vamps (Brad, James, Tristan, Connor)


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