Review: View My Gig Manchester

On Sunday 8th of May, I was lucky enough to be given a pass to attend View My Gig in Manchester, at Sound Control. I had attended numerous View My Gig’s before and have always respected the way in which Adam runs the events and make sure that everyone is happy and has an amazing time. So understandably, I was really excited to spend my day at the event.

This particular View My Gig was the 3rd date on Chris Leonard‘s “Roots” tour, which had been organised by View My Gig and included major cities Brighton, London, Manchester, Glasgow and Dublin. Some of you will remember Chris Leonard for being 1/8 of X-Factor boyband StereoKicks, but since their split, Chris has been working on solo material whilst solo gigging, and honestly he is smashing it!

I was a fan of the band, and so I was very much looking forward to watching Chris perform as a solo artist and seeing him show everyone what an incredible, and powerful voice he had. Chris certainly didn’t disappoint giving an amazing performance vocally and keeping his audience entertained for his entire set. There was a lovely balance between covers and original songs, which ensured that there was something for everyone. Personally, I really enjoyed his own songs with the lyrics being very meaningful and immediately allowing audience connection. Throughout the set, Chris did lots of covers, with my favourite being a cover of Teenage Dirtbag by Wheatus. I absolutely love this song, and Chris put his own twist on the song making it sound incredible and was the perfect song to close his set with as it left everyone on a high! I was extremely impressed with Chris’ stage presence and how he continuously interacted with the audience, having conversations and generally chatting to his fans. This really made the gig feel more intimate which I always believe is the key to a successful gig.

Although the main act for this was evidently Chris, he had some unbelievably talented support acts who I was blown away by. After hearing them in soundcheck and being able to hear how great their vocals were I was intrigued to seeing how they would respond to an audience being in front of them, and they were all incredible. Some of the support acts spoke to me during the soundcheck and told me how nervous they were, but they honestly had nothing to be nervous about. Every single support act received a warm welcome from the crowd and sounded incredible on the stage. I would totally recommend you going to give the support acts a follow because from what I saw on Sunday, talent like that is sure to succeed with the right support! So go and check them out and show them some love: Callum Jackson , Emila , Kirby Frost and Mytton Sanneh .

I would also like to take this chance to suggest going to check out View My Gig as an event too. I have now been to a lot of the events and would highly recommend them. Adam is a lovely guy and makes every single person feel welcome to his gigs. Whether it’s a smaller crowd or a huge audience, Adam is always making sure that everyone is having a great time and is always willing to have a chat with people if he has the time! Personally, I think that View My Gig is an incredible opportunity for upcoming artists. Adam is always giving unsigned artists to showcase their talents and build up their performance skills, which is something which in the music industry is essential. He gives them the experience and skills which they need to succeed, and from what I have witnessed he is again so nice and friendly with the acts as well. If you ever get the chance to go to a View My Gig I would recommend it, the talent is always amazing and you are ensured a great time. Also, if you are an artist wanting to get involved in something like this, give Adam or the View My Gig account a follow and keep an eye out on their tweets because they are always looking for new talent to showcase, and it could be you!

I’m going to wrap this up here, and just say thank you to everyone at View My Gig for making me feel so welcome, and to all the artists for an incredible show!

If you want to catch Chris on his last few dates of his Roots tour, head over to the View My Gig Twitter page and you will find all the details on purchasing tickets on there!


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