Interview: Tony Wedral

Anyone who knows me knows that there’s nothing more I love doing than listening to EP’s and singles from upcoming artists and following them on the journey to the music industry. Recently, I have purchased, listened, and LOVED an EP which although has been out since January I have only just got round to listening to. But, now I have listened to it, I can’t stop listening to it!

Tony Wedral’s debut EP, The Next Step, is a collection of refreshing singles that will have you toe tapping for hours after listening to them. From catchy hooks, meaningful lyrics and a beat that will have you ready to dance, The Next Step is an EP which I would recommend you have a listen of. Quite a few of you might recognise Tony from his successful YouTube channel, and might be unaware of his venture into music, but, I can assure you that Tony’s EP is a really, really good discovery to make. I’m so excited for you all to have a listen to this EP, if you’ve not already! and to find your favourite song on there. I love Moonlight Sky, and I am 99.9% certain that you will all LOVE every single song on there.

Screen Shot 2016-07-05 at 19.08.09.png

I caught up with Tony to ask him about his EP, his musical influences and a bit about him. Check out my interview with Tony below.


Hello, Tony, can you give us a bit about yourself for people reading this who don’t know who you are and what you do?

I am a musician/songwriter and I used to make content for YouTube prior to releasing my debut EP this year. I also just recently graduated from University, studying Marketing!

Congratulations on graduating! In January you released your debut EP ‘The Next Step’, which by the way I love! How would you describe the style of the EP?

Thank you, Gabby! I’d describe it as personally honest, creatively exploratory and very influenced by modern alternative/pop music!

Personally, my favourite song from the EP is ‘Moonlight Sky’, do you have a favourite off the EP? And if so which one?

Ah, I’m glad you like Moonlight Sky. I also would have to agree; initially, it was Brokenhearted, because of the catchy hook, but as time has gone on and the more I hear my songs played, Moonlight Sky is the one I hear and have a specific, large amount of pride for.

Music is obviously a big part of your life, but who are your biggest musical influences?

It’s always a variety. Stevie Wonder, Ed Sheeran, Prince, Justin Timberlake etc. I always cherry pick elements of their musical styles and try to incorporate them into my own style I have!

If you could duet with any anyone who would it be?

I would love to do a song collaboration with Coldplay one day… even if I don’t sing but just write with them… it would be a dream come true!

Similarly, if you could support anyone on tour, who would it be?

Again probably Coldplay… or Justin Timberlake!
You are very, very active with your fans on Twitter and like to keep in constant communication with them. What do your fans mean to you?

That is true. Well, obviously, they mean a lot to me and I really appreciate all of their support in recent years. They’ve grown up with me; a lot of the fans were 14/15-year-olds when I started YouTube and now they’re finishing sixth form. So I see them more as a group of supportive people who have watched me develop in a variety of ways and I hope they could find it easy to understand me. The new fans… well you’re in for a hell of a ride too!

What can your fans expect for the rest of this year?

I’m working on more music. I’m looking to start my career in marketing but writing songs/being a crazy ball of fun on Twitter is what I will continue to do daily until people get bored of me so… much more of the same plus new music/collaborations and a few lifestyle changes which they’ll be updated with!

Finally, do you have a message for all your fans reading this interview today?

Everything will be okay and you can achieve anything you want to achieve!

Very inspirational words from Tony! A huge thank you to Tony for taking the time to be interviewed, I loved having a chat with him!
If you fancy keeping up to date with Tony, then why not check out some of his social medias?
And whilst you’re at it, go get his new EP from this link here – if you like it why not send him a tweet and let him know?

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