Interview: NHG Vocal Coaching

Recently, someone I have known and supported for a while set upon a side venture; vocal coaching. Nathan is one fifth of band Concept, and as most people know, I absolutely adore these 5 talented boys, so if you haven’t you should all totally check them out!

Growing up surrounded by music from an early age, Nathan has taken graded exams and has been trained learning techniques, exercises and most importantly, tricks of the trade. It is fair to say that as well as being trained, Nathan has something which by lots of people, can only be desired. Industry knowledge is something which Nathan has gained via his many successes in Concept. Being a band for nearly 6 years, Concept have achieved some pretty incredible things such as playing alongside huge names like Example and selling out headline gigs and things are just getting started for the boys. In September, they are set to perform at Gibraltar music festival, sharing the stage with many talented people including Stereophonics, Jess Glynne and The Vamps; pretty impressive hey?

Quite recently Nathan decided to set up his own business venture, NHG Vocal Coaching. The aim of NHG Vocal Coaching is pretty much Nathan not only helping artists to develop and improve but also giving them crucial advice as to the workings of the industry and the mindset needed to ensure success. Now, I know what you’re thinking, Nathan is based in Basingstoke I live nowhere near. Well, I have very good news for you, all the lessons will take place over Skype so no matter where you are, you can be part of NHG Vocal Coaching!


I was really interested in NHG Vocal Coaching, and so I caught up with the man behind it, Nathan, to have a chat with him about it all!


Hey, Nathan! For people who don’t know you, can you give me a brief summary of who you are? 

Hey everyone, my names Nathan Hamilton Gittens, I’m 22 years old from Basingstoke in Hampshire. I’m part of a band called Concept and we’ve been going strong for coming up to 6 years now. Singing is my passion and being able to do it with the people who are closest to me in my life makes it all the more enjoyable.

What does music mean to you?

Well, honestly music means everything to me (excuse the cliche response!) because not only is it my passion, but growing up and trying to tackle this industry has taught me a lot of lessons which I will carry through with me for the rest of my life. Growing up I was ok at most things, I could always get by, but singing was one of, or if not the only thing that I really loved and excelled in.

Obviously, you’ve been singing since a very young age, but was there a certain point that you knew music was the career you wanted to pursue? 

There was never really a certain point for me where I thought, yes all I want to be is a singer! I had more of a genuine love for it. I would listen to albums that my dad would pass down to me, and start to study how my idols sounded and how I could start to model myself from their influences. I had singing lessons at school for around 4 years to give me some general techniques, but probably the moment I thought performing and singing was the route I wanted to 100% go down, was when me and the boys had the chance to play at Wembley arena. I’ve never felt a buzz like that before and it’s hard to put into words. But since that day all I’ve wanted was that feeling every day for the rest of my life, and the fact that music got us there, means that luckily for me my passion in life is also the career path I want to take.

Who in the music industry would you say has strongly influenced you?

I’d say my top five influences are
⁃Michael Jackson
⁃John legend
⁃Kanye west
⁃Arctic Monkeys
These bands and artists are all incredibly distinctive in their music and have had careers that have played a big part in the music industry.

As for people, I’d say my manager Nigel Heath is another big influence for the boys and I. He has taught us how to handle ourselves with some of the big players in the industry and evolved us as young men.

Vocal coaching is a new venture for you, knowing you could potentially help develop someone’s talent, how does that feel?

In life, there is only so much you can take and receive before the feeling can start to become the same. But, the feeling of helping and improving and giving back to someone never gets old. I love helping people improve and giving themselves that self-confidence which you need in this industry. I’m hoping to turn some people into little stars and just to see them succeed in their own adventures in music is enough for me!

People know you globally which, in itself is very impressive. Is the vocal coaching open to people worldwide via Skype? 

I have to pinch myself sometimes that the boys and I are lucky enough to have a good following, a strong global reach, so thank you to every single one of you we love you! But yes all of the vocal lessons will be Skype based so it doesn’t matter where you are, let’s get to work!

Finally, to anyone reading this who wants to get into the industry, what advice would you give them?

My advice or one quote I live by is to never ever EVER give up. This is the hardest industry in the world as there are 0 guarantees you will do well. But if you give your all, always look to improve on yourself and have that blind faith inside you, then I believe that you will fulfil your dreams and aspirations.

Having had a chat with Nathan about NHG Vocal Coaching, and fully understanding what he can offer, I think that this is an incredible opportunity for any artist wanting to develop themselves. So, what are you waiting for?

Find Nathan At… 


Find Concept At… 




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