Interview with Love Island’s Liana Isadora: Breaking Stereotypes

It is very certain that one reality TV show has captured the nation and taken us all on a Love Island roller coaster. With people religiously watching the show, catching up on the latest arguments, heart breaks, couples and sly comments, it is very clear that the audience of Love Island fully got attached to the show.

Love Island 2016 is nearly over for another year, and all that we obsessive Love Island viewers will have left, because come on who isn’t obsessed with Love Island?, is ITV Hub in the hope that we can re-watch some of our favourite memories with our favourite islanders. You’d be in denial to say that you have never watched an episode of Love Island and wished not only that you could be with the hunky men but also be the stunning girls. But just what goes on in the villa? We only see what they air on the TV, which although is extremely entertaining, leaves me wanting, well a lot more.

There was something which really grabbed my attention in this series of Love Island. In society, people have stereotypes for absolutely everything and as people, we often make judgements on others by what the stereotypes class as ‘normal’. But I can’t stress how much this is wrong. I am a very strong believer in that old saying ‘Don’t judge a book by its cover’- which ultimately is an amazing motto to live by. Going around judging people based on the stereotype associated with them could be something that stops you getting to know an amazing person, or even doing something amazing. This series, islander Liana Isadora went into the Love Island villa, and immediately faced judgment for her profession; stripping. So many people, both islanders and viewers were very quick to judge Liana after she announced what her profession was. However, after these comments were made people soon started to see the REAL Liana. The Liana that isn’t a stereotype. Liana is a lovely, caring and genuine girl, which initially was the opposite to what everyone thought she was going to be, based on the stereotypes of her profession. Being on Love Island allowed Liana to break down this stereotype of strippers and show the world that categorising everyone because of the actions of a few people, is the wrong thing to do. As a result of the genuine behaviour that Liana displayed, she has gained and adoring heavily dominated young female fan base, who are already referring to her as an idol. And honestly, I think that Liana is very worthy of being an idol to young girls in today’s society.

I wanted to learn more about Liana, and I was extremely lucky to be able to have a chat with her about life, Love Island and the response she has got since leaving the villa.

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Picture Credits, Twitter User: @LoveIsland


Hello Liana! Can I just start by saying I loved you in Love Island, and thought that the way you really broke the stereotypes of a stripper was incredible. How was the Love Island experience on a whole for you?

The experience as a whole was amazing but very testing. There were many highs and lows, maybe a few more lows for me as I was a bit poorly throughout the whole experience. But looking back on it, I am so glad I did it.

Obviously you were one of the new arrivals in the villa, how did it feel when you first walked through the villa doors and saw the other islanders?

It was very surreal going from watching these people on TV an hour ago to being there with them in the villa. It all kinda seems like a blur now thinking back to the first night. I was so excited though and not nervous at all!

Do you plan on keeping in touch with anyone in the future?

Yeah a few of the islanders! I’ve been with Malin for a night out since leaving the villa so definitely her.

Now, you went into the villa knowing exactly who you were and being very genuine. Do you think that you fully portrayed the real you to the public?

100% I didn’t fake any feelings to stay in and I didn’t bitch about people to fit in. I was completely myself and was genuine with everyone I crossed paths with. My only regret is the public not being able to see my bubbly, fun, flirty side as much but that’s because I was poorly and didn’t find anyone in there I had a romantic connection with.

Since being in the villa you have changed a lot of people’s opinions on not only you, but other women in your profession. How does it feeling knowing that you are classed as somewhat of a role model for young women and have changed a very large amount of the public’s opinions of not only you, but the majority of your profession?

It feels great knowing I’ve given people a better insight into what people in my industry are actually like. When the word stripper is mentioned people jump to assumptions but in honesty strippers are just normal people. Most strippers I know have degrees and careers and just do stripping on the side.

Obviously, there has been a lot of people taking to Twitter with opinions on you and the Love Island experience, what has the public support been like since you left the villa?

The support now I’m out is overwhelming, most people just have nice things to say and it’s nice to know that people did think I was a genuine girl! Obviously, I heard about all the hate that I received when I was in the villa but that doesn’t faze me at all.

So, what can your fans expect you to be doing in the coming months?

I have a few things planned but of course it’s all hush hush so you’ll just have to wait and see.

For anyone reading this who has been a victim of being stereotyped and judged, what advice would you give to them?

Don’t listen to them! And don’t feel you have to justify yourself to people. Just be you and be real. The only reason I justified myself against my stereotypes is cause I wanted to do it for the industry as a whole!

And finally, who do YOU want to win Love Island this year?

Nathan and Cara!


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