Sam Bailey Album Launch 

The Dorchester Hotel, London. The perfect picturesque setting for a Sam Bailey album launch, and what a night I had filled with great company and of course, the talent that is Sam Bailey.

Sam & Me

Sam Bailey and I.

The night had an incredible turnout with friends and family showing up in force to support Sam. Among the guests were, Mike Hassini, Sandy Channer, Sam Callahan and Sean Miley Moore.

We were treated to the very talented Sam singing a few of her songs off her upcoming album, which I know you will all love! Sam described the album as “a piece of her”, and you can really tell from the meaningful lyrics just what this album means to her. This entire evening really showed a side to Sam that people might not have initially thought. Sam was very, very relaxed and down to earth, having banter and laughs with everyone watching her. There was even time to for a cheeky mention to her husband Craig, before telling him she loved him. Sam performed a song called No Tomorrow, which was written about her husband, who could be seen beaming with pride throughout the whole evening. We also learnt about Sam’s nightmare as she opened up about her hell with Bell’s palsy; the paralysis of a nerve causing weakness in a certain side to your face. Telling us how she was on countless tablets a day, Sam delved deeper into her nightmare explaining about how she got the tablets mixed up one day, and as a result took a dangerous amount of codeine instead. The whole experience made Sam slow down a bit, and she says that she now takes every opportunity as well. There is a particular song on her upcoming album called Don’t Cry For Me, which she reveals she finds it extremely hard to perform, as it makes her cry thinking about how it would affect her kids if anything happened to her, very much so inspired by her Bell’s palsy terror.

sam bailey

Within the selection of songs Sam treated us to, she also sang her brand new single (which you can get on iTunes right now!!!) Sing My Heart Out, which is perfectly titled because she did sing her heart out all evening! I really recommend that you all go and support Sam with her new single because it’s such a great song! It had all of us, and it is the PERFECT song to belt your heart out to.

sam bailey 2

If all this excitement wasn’t enough, Sam is even going on tour early next year! Starting in March 2017 and finishing in May 2017, the Sing My Heart Out Tour hosts over 30 dates, so be sure to get to one which is near you! Fancy tickets? Check out the link here.
I had an incredible time last night, and I just want to say a huge thank you to Sam and Champions Management for inviting me along and hosting an incredible evening. Also, a big thank you to The Dorchester for making us feel so welcome in their lovely hotel.



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