Interview: Nicholas McDonald

The 2013 series of The X Factor saw Nicholas McDonald come runner-up at the age of 17, which is incredible! Since X Factor, Nicholas has been touring, gigging, and preparing for some pretty exciting things that he has got coming up.

I sat down and had a catch up with Nicholas and to ask the question EVERYONE wants to know, what is next for him?



Hi, Nicholas, lovely to get to speak to you! How are you? 
I am very well thank you, how are you?

I’m great thank you! For those of you who don’t know you, you were in the 2013 series of The X Factor, weren’t you? How was the whole X Factor experience for you?
Yes, I was on the X Factor in 2013 and came runner-up at the age of 17! It was a crazy experience & I loved every second of it.

The response you received from the public was incredible! How did it feel to know that people supported you along your journey?
The support from everyone was amazing and the support is still as strong. I can’t thank people enough for their support – it’s crazy!!

Since the X-Factor, you’ve been gigging a lot at various different cities and events. Is there a certain city which you just love performing in?
I love performing in Glasgow as that is my hometown and everyone’s support is always incredible. I also love singing over in Ireland; their support is amazing and the fans are always very loud!!!

Seeing you perform you can tell you love being on stage! Do you have a certain ritual you have to do before performing?
I don’t really have a ritual. I just go on stage, enjoy myself & hope everyone else does too!!

Well, I think it works! So let’s talk about what’s happening with you recently. What have you been up too?
I have been recording my 2nd album for a while and last year was out in LA recording different parts of it. I have done 3 UK tours since coming off the show so it has been busy!

Is there anything you’ve got planned which you’d like to tell me about?
I am planning on having new music out VERY soon!!

I certainly can’t wait for your new music!! Your singing style is very unique, who would you say influenced you to peruse a career in singing?
When I was growing up all my mum used to play around the house was Celine Dion – her voice is amazing! I also love Sam Smith as his voice is incredible.

And finally, do you have a message to any of your fans who are reading this?
I just want to say a massive thank you to everyone who has supported me until now; it really means the world to me!

Keep up to date with Nicholas and follow him on Twitter here!
Nicholas’ website
Like Nicholas’ Facebook page here!

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