Interview: Danielle Lloyd

Competitive, determined and hard-working are three words which accurately describe Danielle Lloyd. Danielle has had an incredible career so far, and her contributions to charity are admirable. But have you ever wondered how Danielle keeps her skin so flawless? Or what is next for Danielle? Check out my interview with her below, where we talk all thinks beauty, competitions and future plans!


Photo: @MissDLloyd (Twitter)



Hello, Danielle, it’s an absolute pleasure to speak to you! How are you? 

Hi, I am very well thank you. I have been keeping busy taking care of the kids and getting everything ready for our holiday but apart from that very good.

For people reading this interview who don’t know much about Danielle, she is a model and TV Presenter. You’ve had lots going on in your career over the last few years, have you had an overall highlight from your career so far? 

I have so many highlights, I am lucky to have been on so many shows and had some amazing modelling jobs. I have recently done a cover shoot for Fabulous magazine, so I still love modelling.

So, you have been on a lot of different TV shows that you have actually gone on to win for charity such as The Weakest Link, Total Wipeout and Come Dine With Me. To win all of them is incredible, and altogether from them 3 shows alone you actually won £19,950 all of which was donated to charity. Would you say that you’re a competitive person? 

Definitely, I am very ambitious and love a challenge. Even if we are just playing ball games in the garden, it can get very competitive.

I’ve got to ask you about Total Wipeout, it looks so challenging! Did you do any special training before appearing on the show? 

I didn’t do any training for the show but I generally try and stay fit so that definitely helped when taking on Total Wipeout.

You appeared on Come Dine With me, and again won!  If you were to create your dream 3-course meal, what would it be? 

I would cook something either Thai or Japanese. Perhaps some sushi or a green curry.

You’ve entered (and won!) a lot of beauty pageants and actually won Miss Great Britain in 2006. You always look flawless, do you have any beauty tips or hacks that you can share with us all? 

I regularly have facials and my top tips would be to generally eat and sleep well.

I can imagine entering beauty pageants and modelling can be very stressful! Do you get a thrill from it? 

I have always loved modelling but now a lot of my time goes towards my children or my new clothing collection.

I can’t live without my face cream, but do you have any essential beauty products that you just can’t live without?

I have a love for Flint + Flint beauty products and I also love Imperial Leather products. My kids and I particularly love the marshmallow flavour bath cream.

You’ve had your ups and downs over the years, but your determination, hard work, contributions to charity and helping others really deserves to be commended. Because of all of this, you’re actually considered many young girls role model, which must be a surreal feeling. How does it feel knowing you influence so many people’s life?

I am always honoured by this. After my divorce, women contacted me to tell me how strong I have been and to know that I am an inspiration to women feels very special.

I admire you a lot for what you have been through and how you have handled yourself, your career and as a mother. You have three adorable sons, how do you find balancing work and motherhood? 

It is always a struggle, we don’t use a nanny or an au pair so I have to juggle a lot at once. I am lucky to have such an amazing fiancé in Michael and the support of my Mum, Jackie.

Do you have any upcoming plans you’d like to tell me about? 

I have a new clothing collection about to launch with Prodigal Fox which I am very excited about. I have other TV stuff to do and eventually need to get round to planning a wedding!!

Can’t wait to see your clothing line! Finally, to anyone who has supported you, classed you as their role model or just feels inspired by your stories, do you have a message for them? 

I am so grateful for all of the love and support that I receive but if I could share my moto with people it would be that the bad times don’t last, keep knowing that you will eventually get through it.


It was so lovely to speak to Danielle and find out what she has coming up! I can’t wait to see her new clothing line.


Keep up to date with the latest from Danielle by following her Twitter here.

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