Interview: Max Stone

Max Stone was on The X Factor 2015, and since then has had an overwhelming amount of support. I thought that it was about time I had a catch up with Max to talk all things X Factor, how he would describe Simon Cowell, and of course what he is planning for the future!

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Photo: @MaxStoneMusic (Twitter)


Hi, Max! Lovely to speak to you! How are you?
Hey, I’m doing great Thankyou 🙂

You were on The XFactor 2015, how was that whole experience for you?
It was an amazing experience, as a whole, it has taught me a lot about myself as a person and an artist and given me a lot of confidence along the way. To have the chance to perform on the live shows was brilliant, mostly to get that connection with the viewers at home in real time like that so it was a unique feeling stepping out on that stage. I did feel that before the live shows I had better chances to create my own versions of the tunes I was singing like on the six chair challenge and judges houses . On the live shows, it became really hard to do my own thing as there are so many people advising you and on the show the producers need to vary the music that people are singing. However, I’m really happy with how far I got and how the producers and crew looked after me and all of the amazing people I have met along the way.

Obviously you got a lot of support from people during your time on XFactor but what was the support like when you finished your time on there?
The support I received on the show really blew me away, I never expected to have so many people feel for me and my singing . After the show ended for me, of course, it wasn’t as intense but I still had so many people writing me messages and showing their love. Throughout the past 8 months, there’s been a lot of people showing their support and that’s meant a lot more than I could have thought. To hear people’s stories about their connections to the songs I sing and people saying how they can’t wait to hear my own music has been a great driving force so I’m real happy I had the chance to go on the show and get that connection with so many.

You got to work with Simon and he’s like the God of the music industry! If you could describe him in three words how would you do it?
He’s been around 🙂

Let’s talk about you right now! So, you’re still singing and making music, but, how would you describe your music style?
My music style has always been bluesy and soulful so I always try to carry that into what I’m working on , the music I’ve been creating the past 8 months has a strong reggae sound. I started writing in January and things went really naturally so I wrote 50-60 songs which have now been narrowed down to a good demo album. I was in a reggae band when I was 19 and grew up with Bob Marley so I have always written reggae songs in my own style and so it was amazing that in May I had the opportunity to fly to Jamaica to write and record in Bob Marley’s own studio in Kingston among other places to fine tune my sound.

Would you say there’s someone in the music industry who you idolised when you were younger?
I always idolised James Brown and Bob Marley for their passion and approach to music but other than that when I was younger it was Michael Jackson!

If you could duet with anyone, who would it be?
Does that include people that have passed ?

I would have loved to duet with Prince, he will always be one of the best performers and musicians. Most of the people I would most like to duet with have sadly passed but out of everyone alive, it would be Damien Marley or Adele .

So we’ve talked about your past and who inspired you, but what we all want to know is what’s going on in your life right now! Do you have any exciting ventures coming up?
Right now it’s all about releasing my music and performing it live. As I spoke about I’ve written a lot of songs and I feel like I’ve finished it to my best ability so I really can’t wait to share it with everyone and show who I am within the music I have created. There are a lot of exciting things for me around the corner but nothing I can share just yet.

Well I can’t wait to find out what you’ve got coming up! Finally, for all your fans reading this, do you have a message for them?
I want to thank everyone for connecting with me and believing in me on the show and through my journey so far. It means more than words can explain so I’m gonna do my best to give back as much of my energy to you all as possible and I can’t wait to share the rest of my story with you.

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