The Tide: Click My Fingers Tour 2016

The Tide are currently on their very own headline UK tour after huge success supporting The Vamps on tour, and headlining their own free fanfests.


The Click My Fingers tour has already begun and, has visited Birmingham and Manchester. But don’t worry because there are plenty of tickets left, and if you fancy taking a trip to their tour you can get tickets here! *TICKET TIP*- if the ticketing sites are saying sold out, go on the venues website and try buy tickets from there, that’s how I have got hold of many of my tickets for this tour! I honestly do recommend grabbing tickets if you can for this tour, because The Tide sure know how to give their fans an amazing night.

But enough of that, what you guys really want to know is what is the Click My Fingers tour like? Well, from start to finish you’ll be enjoying yourself, dancing and singing along. This tour is not one to be missed.

Attending the amount of concerts which I do, I know that quite a lot of people will only turn up to a gig just before the main act is on, and admittedly I am guilty of this every now and again. However, I can guarantee that you DO NOT want to miss the support acts for this tour.
Well rehearsed and polished dance moves came from Josh Taylor who opened the night ahead of the main attraction, The Tide. Josh is certainly no stranger to performing which really comes across with how confident and at ease he is while on stage performing. Treating the crowd to a mixture of songs, Josh pleased the females in the audience with the occasional cheeky wink and hip movement, along with song after song showcasing his incredible vocal range. And after hearing the crowd response, it is safe to say that Josh will have a high attendance to his own tour later this year, which if you’re interested in, tickets can be found via the link at the bottom of this post.



Photo Credit: @asjoshtaylor (Twitter)


Taking the stage after Josh were 3 piece band, New Hope Club. New Hope Club are very familiar to many of the crowd having supported The Tide on their fanfests and being part of The Vamps Wake Up Tour. Blake, George and Reece took to the stage and continued to warm up the crowds before The Tide came on for the evening. The shy young boys that were seen on stage singing Cecilia at The Vamps Tour have developed into 3 very confident musicians who from start to finish impress the crowds of people. Having recently been recording in America, New Hope Club treated the crowd to a mixture of originals and covers, with fans even knowing the words to the band’s original song and loudly singing it back to the 3 smiling lads on stage. In particular, their song Perfume received an amazing response from the crowd and had the entire room belting out the catchy chorus back to them. The boys looked at ease on stage and played their entire set with a grin plastered across their faces. The talent within these 3 boys really did impress me, for such young ages they are incredibly talented and will certainly go very very far. Why not check out their YouTube channel and have a watch of some of their covers? My favourite is 100% Cake By The Ocean!



Photo Credit: @NewHopeClub (Twitter)


It soon came round to the main attraction of the evening, which of course was The Tide. Now, The Tide have always impressed me with the amount of energy and crowd interaction they have during every set they play, and their own tour certainly lived up to expectations.
From start to finish The Tide displayed levels of energy that had me feeling exhausted just watching them. These 4 cheeky lads really knew how to please their crowd, and in between playing their incredible original songs would have banter with their adoring fans in the audience, which, I mean come on is totally adorable right?! The room filled with excitement as The Tide played song after song, and the night was filled with people dancing, singing and even throwing around giant inflatable toys! The response to their songs was so lovely to witness. The crowd sang back word for word every song, and by the looks of the boys on stage, you could tell that it overwhelmed them. What made the concert even better was the level of intimacy that occurred. Playing smaller venues allowed the gig to be much more intimate, and as a result, a much more rememberable gig was had. Amongst the original songs was The Tide’s new single, Click My Fingers, (go buy it now off Itunes!), which is perfectly named. I have never heard such a catchy song ever, and as much as you find yourself trying to restrain from belting out the chorus, it won’t work. Trust me, you’ll find yourself shouting it in the most random places. The performance from The Tide went from strength to strength. The energy, emotion and passion came across in every song, and you could tell what this tour meant to the boys.
Teasing the crowd, the band left the stage, but of course, the crowd wanted more. I mean come on, you’ve always got to have one more song haven’t you! And The Tide didn’t disappoint. Returning to the stage, The Tide came out and sang their first single, Young Love. It ended the concert on such a high, and seeing the crowd leaving the venue after, you could see the excitement on their faces that they had all had the perfect night.

Currently, The Tide are only 2 dates into the Click My Fingers tour, so why not try and grab yourself some tickets to some other dates. Are you going to any of the tour dates? If you are, send me a tweet and let me know where you’re going as I will be going to Sheffield, Glasgow and Leeds!

Fancy checking out anyone I’ve spoken about in this post? Find all their links below!


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