I’m on YouTube

this is a bit of shameless promo again, yawn, sorry guys. But, tonight I’ve made a decision which was quite nerve wrecking for me. I’ve always wanted to have my own YouTube channel as well as a blog, and as I have already got one-half of what I wanted, I thought why not complete the set. And with that, I have decided to start uploading videos to YouTube, which I am so nervous about.

I would love it so much if you could go and subscribe to my channel, and that way you can keep up to date on when I upload a video! I am honestly overwhelmed by the amount of support that my blog gets, and I really hope that you guys continue to support my blog and my YouTube and follow me on my journey!

MY CHANNEL: https://www.youtube.com/c/GabbyFabrizio 

I’m not going to categorise my YouTube, just like I have not categorised my blog. I will be posting a variation of videos, from daily vlogs, vlogs of events, typical YouTube videos if you get what I mean, and hopefully some pretty exciting interviews!

I really hope you guys can continue to support my blog and will now also support my YouTube.

And of course, if you have any video suggestions just send me a quick tweet and I would be happy to look into it!

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