University Check List

On Thursday I saw that a lot of people all over received their A-Level results, and frantically refreshed UCAS to see if they had got themselves a place at their choice in university.

I’ve finished my first year at university, and although I only went to Manchester, which is very close to home, the move was still pretty daunting. Since you’ve all got your results I’ve had quite a large amount of messages asking me my advice on moving, what to take and how to know what you’re going to need. The simple answer is, you don’t know what you’ll need and no one can prepare you because everyone is different. However, I have put together a quick checklist with some helpful tips to get you on the right track.

This is just my personal preference of things, based on what I took when I moved and actually needed, in comparison to everything which I really didn’t need to take. Obviously, it’ll be different for everyone, but if you’re completely stuck for some ideas, check out what I’ve suggested below!

Something which you will 100% need in your new room is bedding, I mean how else are you going to have comfy in between lecture naps? But something I totally recommend doing is checking with your accommodation whether they offer any packages. A lot of accommodation offer packages where they supply you with a duvet and pillow for a small fee, which can work out a lot cheaper than buying all new bedding. If you’re very fussy about pillows and duvets like me, then I would suggest taking your own rather than wasting money on a package which you’d probably end up throwing away! Something which I couldn’t have got through my first year without was my mattress topper. My mattress was the most uncomfy thing ever, but I got a cheap mattress topper (I think it was from Tesco?!) and it honestly transformed my bed! Great investment if you ask me!

Kitchen Essentials
Again, I would recommend seeing if your accommodation offers any packages. I know that my friend got a great deal with her accommodation, where she managed to get a kitchen package with 4 lots of plates, cups, cutlery and then some pots and pans. The package could work out a lot cheaper than taking a trip to Ikea and ending up buying practically a whole new kitchen, when realistically, you’re probably going to be reusing the same plate again and again! As for quantity, I’d say you only really need a handful of everything, as the majority of the time unless you have people round to drink or eat, it’ll be just you using your stuff!

Bathroom Essentials
Before going to university I think I had honestly cleaned a bathroom literally a few times in my life, I practically left my mum to do that job! But unless your accommodation provides bathroom cleaning, you’re going to have to have the dreaded job of cleaning your bathroom. I found that the antibacterial Dettol surface wipes worked really well when cleaning the bathroom and would really recommend them! They even smell great too, which is always a bonus! I think other than my surface wipes, the only other thing I used was some toilet cleaner, which you literally just shove in the toilet. I would suggest investing in a bath mat. I’ve found that accommodation showers are very, very temperamental, and I often found my bathroom floor flooding as a result of my shower. So, a perfect solution to stop too much water escaping onto the floor is definitely a bath mat!

The exciting part of a new room has got to be decorating it! I took a lot of photos with me when I moved, of friends and family so that I could make my room feel like ME as possible. If you’re going to be putting posters or pictures on your wall then I’d suggest using glue dots rather than blu tack, as they don’t tend to leave a mark. Apart from pictures, I got some cute little decorations from Home & Bargains which I think totalled up to about £20. They have a great range of cheap decorations such as fairy lights, make organisers, pillows etc which will look great in your new room!

The final thing I would suggest taking with you when you move is important documents or even a copy of them. Thankfully, I only lived a short train ride away from home, so when I needed my passport for a job interview, I was able to get it. I’d suggest taking your passport, a copy of your student finance payment schedule as sometimes it’s later than your rent and you need to prove this to your accomodation and a printed version of you university acceptance letter. I’d also suggest taking quite a lot of printed CV’s to make job hunting a lot easier!

I’ve only covered the very basics of what I took as the large list I created would probably overwhelme a lot of you! But, if you do want a more detailed list of what exactly I took, then feel free to message or email me and I can help you plan! It’s such an excting milestone and I know you’re all going to love it!

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