Interview: Gabriella Ryan​

Commercial Model, Youtube Presenter and ex Take Me Out Girl Gabriella Ryan and I sat down and had a good old girly chat about everything Take Me Out, to what beauty products we can’t live without. She also gave me some amazing advice about the industry, which I can’t wait for you guys to read!

Gabriella 1

Photo Credits: Twitter: @gabriellaryanuk


Hello Gabriella, how are you?
Hey!! I’m great thank you, always a happy bunny! These emojis could just about cover it 😀😍😎😇😁🙊🎉❤️

People might recognise you from your career within the modelling industry and now YouTube, or even from your time on ITV’s Take Me Out. But do you have a certain highlight of your career so far?
There’s so many, I’ve been lucky enough to work with some great brands on stage, TV & behind the camera, yet the one that meant the most so far would have to be being invited to switch on the Christmas lights in my hometown in Norfolk. This was largely down to my charity work-(It’s less commonly known but since my last year at high school I’ve raised around £3000 for several different charities with wacky events. For example recently being gunged on YouTube, backflipping a mile, and dressing up as Barbie on stilts) It was a privilege and an honor that will always stay with me.

Wow, you do take part in some crazy things for charity! So you were on Take Me Out, how was that experience for you?
Take Me Out
was a very mixed experience for me. Whilst it was so much fun and very exciting, what wasn’t shown was that I actually ended up in hospital after the buggy cart crash on my date with Magic Steve, (the cart completely flipped over and it was all a bit crazy and dramatic!) However I would never say I regret being on the show, I had the best time, lots of support from the public and have some great memories… I’d describe the whole experience as ‘YOLO’!!!

At least it was a date to remember ey! I can imagine it being very nerve wrecking waiting for a lad to come down in the love lift! Were you nervous or did you feed off the energy and atmosphere?
Well, I’ve definitely been in more nerve-wracking situations, but I think it’s far more scary for a guy coming down the love lift on his own to all us 30 girls!! it’s such a fun atmosphere in the studio with a warm-up entertainer and friendly audience, plus even though I was the baby of our group, Paddy, the crew & the other girls made me feel so at ease, filming was such a buzz so I really miss that.

You now do a bit of YouTube presenting, can you tell me some more about this?
So presenting had been something I’d wanted to try since I was a kid, but even until recently people would laugh thinking it was ridiculous. So I went and got trained properly with the lovely team at The Presenter Studio in April this year. Then in June I landed my first presenting job on Kama TV– it’s a new dating advice and lifestyle channel and in my section, I’m given a different dating topic to interview people on the streets of London each week getting opinions of the general public.

It all sounds so fun and dead hands on! Is it something you enjoy doing?
Yeah definitely! I never expected to have a job like this but the time I’ve been working at the channel has been great and they’re such a fun crew to work with.
Behind the scenes it keeps me busy too with meetings discussing topics, writing my scripts and of course always being street style ready for filming!

You’re also a model too! And you always look so, so flawless. Let’s talk makeup and beauty, do you have any top tips?
Aww, thank you so much! Well I know everybody says this but I try to keep to a healthy lifestyle by working out when I can, getting enough sleep, eating a good diet and plenty of water- I take ‘Hairburst’ and ‘Udo’s Choice’ Omega 3 capsules.
I was recently sent some ‘Slimming Solutions’ teabags to try which I thought I’d hate but they’re actually great for de-bloating and flushing the toxins out of your body.
In terms of tanning I swear by ‘Skinny Tan’ and wouldn’t use anything else now, it’s much easier to apply and smells gorgeous too.
My best tips for skincare are to always cleanse and take your makeup off properly and find the best face mask for your skin to add into your routine. If you ever run out of exfoliator or are on a budget a makeup artist once told me that you can gently exfoliate your face with an old wet toothbrush- it works just as well!!!
In terms of makeup I’ve learnt a lot from different makeup artists over the years, and I always used to be very messy when trying to do the trickier bits like eye makeup in a hurry- so the best thing for this is to hold a piece of tissue, a plastic spoon or even invest in some ‘shadow shields’ to place under your eyes when trying trickier eye makeup, it saves me so much time by catching the excess mess from around my eyes!!

I’ll have to give that toothbrush tip a go! Now, everyone has a make up essential, and mine has got to be a lipstick or a lipgloss! Without it I just feel so naked! Do you have a makeup essential?Ooh, this is tricky! I don’t have one in particular but for every day, I don’t think a thin layer of foundation ever does any harm and for me personally I never feel awake properly until I have a little mascara on!
If we’re talking ‘full face’ then I would have to say a juicy bold lippy to match my outfit.

The industry you’re lucky enough work in is extremely hard to get into. Do you have any advice for anyone to get into the position where you are?
Well, some here would say that training for the entertainment industry is important and to go to performing arts colleges etc. to fine tune skills- but personally I didn’t take this route as I’d been developing many of my skills at a very young age, where I had fun and earnt money as a child model. (I began at age 4!!!) Not going and training at a performing arts college I feel has been the best decision I ever made as I’ve experienced so much already at age 20 when I could have potentially still have been training.
So my best advice is to start out gaining experience as young as possible and be tough enough to ignore the negative people trying to stop you, put you down or make you believe you can’t no matter what age you are, especially from peers at school etc.- When you start, be prepared that you’ll be a small fish in a big pond, but just keep swimming!             If you’re not from London make sure you get experience finding places and know your way around the underground etc. so it becomes second nature when you need it as so much happens here.
Know what your end goal is and work hard to get there by planning smaller, more achievable goals along the way!
Aim to eventually get a good agent, but never expect them to do all your work for you.
Never be afraid to be different or stand out- always be yourself.
Finally, respect and be friendly to everyone you meet so you always make a good impression, people are far more likely to want to work with you- be confident but never arrogant!!!!

That is such honest and useful advice so hopefully for any of you guys reading this, you’ll take them helpful tips on board! You’ve already had a lot of exciting things in your career so far, but what is next for you?
Modelling wise I’m really looking forward to London Fashion Week and modelling in the Ibiza Fashion Festival this September where I’ll be walking in some of the most gorgeous swimwear etc. and working with top celebrity hair and makeup artists.
I’m in talks about next working on getting together a campaign to get petite girls seen in the modelling industry in the same way that we now embrace curvy girls. I think the ‘no body shame’ message is so important for young girls and it will be a great day when the industry takes this completely on board.
Having always performed with my very talented younger sister growing up Id love to get a collaborative performing project going together now that she is 18.
With regard to my presenting I’m planning on setting up a personal YouTube channel as well as continuing with my job on Kama Lifestyles channel- I would love to eventually get back into work on TV.
I’m always up for a challenge and take each day as it comes so watch this space!

You’ve got a busy few months ahead then! I can’t wait to see how everything pans out! For everyone reading who likes and looks up to you, what would you say to them?
Firstly, a massive thank you because I really do appreciate all the support and nice comments I receive!
Obviously to never give up on your dreams, if you don’t believe in yourself already then start now because I’ve learned that if you don’t then nobody else will, and if you’re still lacking in self-belief then ‘fake it till you make it’!!!
Always dream big and know what you want in life, plan how you’re going to get it and work hard to achieve it one step at a time.
Lastly, remember to trust in your parents/carers because these people will ALWAYS be on your side and have your best interest at heart.
And I’d obviously say that I love you all, any love and support I get means so much!

It has been an absolute pleasure to chat with Gabriella, and I know that there’s a lot which I can take from her advice so I really hope you all can too!

If you want to keep up to date with her, check out her social medias here!

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