Interview: Feels Like Now

Some of you may remember Charlie and Parisa from band, Only The Young. But since parting and going their separate ways, Charlie and Parisa have joined forces and created, wait for it… a duo which is very likely to take over the world, that’s right you heard it here first. World Domination is happening through Feels Like Now, and I got the pleasure to have a catch up with them on a lovely rooftop overlooking Soho, all while the sun was shining down on us. And, I didn’t just stop there. Oh no. I even asked them your questions, which will be made into a cute little video in a few days time, so keep an eye out because your question could have been asked!


Photo Credit: Twitter: @feelslikenow


It’s been ages since I’ve seen you both on stage, and I’m excited to see what you’ve been working on! Are you nervous to get on stage or are you excited?
C: Thank you! Can’t wait for you to see it!
P: I’m excited!
C: I’m nervous, I haven’t been on stage since the last performance we did with Only The Young, so this is the first time I’ve been back on stage for nearly a year. So I’m nervous, but I’m excited at the same time! I’m not only nervous, there is excitement too!
P: I’m the same like I’m not nervous, but obviously nerves are natural, we tend to find nerves are quite good!

Quite a lot of people will know you from being in a band called Only The Young,  but you then you went off and did your own solo projects. So how did you two decide, you know what let’s become a duo?
P: He won’t leave me alone!
C: She lives next door to me, and kept coming down and asking me to produce songs for her and I was like oh let’s just do it together.
P: We’ve obviously known each other for so long now, we’ve been friends for 14 years and the day we met it was through music and performing, so we’ve kind of never known anything else apart from that in our friendship. We starting vibing together and it sounded really cool, and we were like you know what there is no duos out there, kind of boy-girl thing, so we just thought, it was a new exciting project. We really enjoy doing it, and it was a bit lonely on stage by myself, so it’s nice to have him there.

How would you describe your own style of music then?
P: So we’ve got a couple of originals, but only a few as we’ve obviously only just done this, but the vibe we’re going for is like The Weekend and that DNCE vibe, a bit party-ish you know! So a bit grown up, not too pop, but it still has that sing a long kind of vibe. I’d kind of sum it up by saying it’s fun but a bit edgy.

Right, when I was younger, I was brought up listening to boy bands, my house was boyband central.  What music did you grow up listening to and do you think that influenced you when you write your songs?
C: I listened to my mum and dad’s music and my mum is obsessed with Michael Bublé, and my dad listens to like really weird open funk and stuff like that, so I appreciate them kinds of music, but I don’t think it’s influenced me in the sense of my musical journey. When you become a musician, you go on a journey and you find the music you love and you aspire to, listen to and want to be.
P: You like country music don’t you?
C: Yeah, personally I’m obsessed with country music but I’d never be a country singer because I just can’t do it. I think being a musician that plays the exact kind of music that you like isn’t too great because then you’re losing creativity and your personal input as you’re constantly going to be referencing the music you make against somebody else’s music. When if you listen to something, you can enjoy that and appreciate that, but you can create something completely individual that isn’t referencing anybody else. I think that’s being a true musician and that’s what we want to do.
P: I grew up with like The Spice Girls and S Club 7 who I absolutely loved.
C: What do you mean loved?  You do still love them!
Well, who doesn’t love them?! 
P: Exactly!!! Then obviously like 90s music, I love old school music like 70s and 80s, but yeah I’d say as for our own music being influenced it’s just kind of whatever vibe we do.

This is your first gig as Feels Like Now, how exciting! How important is this for you guys today?
P: This kind of gig is very intimate, it’s also an industry showcase for us, it’s not what we’ve done before when it’s just fans. This is the first kind of grown up situation we’ve been in! I think it is a milestone for us to have our first gig so early on, we’ve got some huge stuff this coming weekend, so it’s good we’ve started off with this.
C: I would have died if not!

What has the response been like since you announced, Feels Like Now? 

P: We had a really good response! People had seen us on each others Snapchat loads, and they were loving it! Then when we announced the duo, it kind of just exploded and everyone was just really happy about it. What’s nice, is we’ve had fans from day one even before the band, who are still here and still supporting us and that is amazing.
Bet it’s so lovely to see your fans effectively growing up with you!
P: Do you know what, we had a fan and she was really young when we met her, and I actually went on holiday to Spain and she was there, and we ended up going out every night and she’s like 18 now and it’s really weird because she was 14 when I first met her and now it’s like she’s 18!
You do seem really close with your fans.
P: We are!
C: They are the same as us at the end of the day!

This is obviously just the beginning of your journey, I’ve got to ask what everyone wants to know. Have you got any exciting things coming up?
C: We’ve got many exciting things, but we just can’t say them yet!! It’s a bit hush hush!
P: We’ve got something really big happening on Sunday!
C: Really big!!! It’s something live on ITV2 on Sunday, and we’re singing which is really cool.
P: Actually, we’re also out in Orlando in December shooting our music video, so we’re really excited for that!
C: Yeah, that’s going to be wicked! I want to go into the desert and shoot guns, and drive cars.

Sounds like you’re creating your own action film there Charlie!
C: Imagine how cool that would be!

Do you have a message for all your fans reading this today who have followed you on your journeys so far?
P: It’s cliche but thank you! We’ve had a lot of time to reflect over the past few years, and it’s so nice to share the experience with those fans who you see again and again, and then it is amazing to meet new fans. It makes us feel like we’re at home when we’re with you all.
C: We really appreciate the support throughout everything, and we love you guys!

Screen Shot 2016-09-18 at 10.13.37.png

It was so lovely speaking to Charlie and Parisa, and I can promise you that they are going to have so amazing things coming up!

Feels Like Now:

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