MakeUp Revolution Party // I Am Freedom Final

Hey guys!

So last week I did something super, super fun! I attended the Make Up Revolution Halloween Party which was also the I Am Freedom Final, sounds pretty cool right?

The theme of the evening, with Halloween being so close to the event, was party and cocktail with a hint of Halloween, and it was incredible seeing the effort that everyone had gone to! There was a variety of simplistic Halloween touches and other people who had chosen to create a masterpiece with their makeup, which considering the event, was very fitting. Me and my friend, however, went down the simplistic route and added some simple face stickers onto our face from TopShop to add some Halloween glam, teamed up with a beautiful red lipstick from the Revolution matte lipstick collections.


The event was held at DSTRKT in Central London, a club which I had heard lots of exciting things about, so naturally, I was really excited to be attending an event there! I had very high expectations for the evening, and the guys at Make Up Revolution and Freedom, certainly did not disappoint. Arriving at DSTRKT you could see the venue had been transformed into the perfect setting for a Halloween party with Halloween decorations in every corner! While trying to avoid knocking down a display of the amazing Christmas Gift Sets, we were all offered canapes and free (how amazing free drinks?!) all night! A little tip if you ever get offered a mini burger, get lots, and lots of napkins!!!

As well as an amazing Halloween party for all of us bloggers, vloggers and guests, the night also hosted the final of the I Am Freedom Competition. After hearing and looking at all 5 entries, we all got to cast a vote on who we wanted to win, and then our votes got combined with the judges’ votes to decide the winner. Who won an incredible prize. £20,000 and a contract with Make Up Revolution and as if that wasn’t enough, a years supply of free makeup! *cue the jealous sighs of people worldwide* The winner of the evening was Lorna, who completely deserved it. She looked incredible, as did all the other finalists.

There were so many highlights of the night, but a personal favourite has got to be seeing everyone loose their dignity and sophistication upon realising that the cauldron at the front of the venue was filled with Make Up Revolution and Freedom products! I have never seen girls and boys run so fast, people were diving in from all ends and grabbing whatever they could see. Pretty cool lucky dip! I came away with some amazing little prizes including a blush stick, an eyebrow set and a gorgeous new red lipstick! I even picked up a few more extra little treats, which wait for it…. I will be doing a GIVEAWAY with later in this month! So if you want your chance at winning what for now is a secret little prize, then head over to my Twitter and follow me to keep up to date for when I do the giveaway!



hmmm… what could you win!?


I had such an amazing night, and I would like to thank Make Up Revolution and Freedom for inviting me to such a lovely event! The new Christmas gift sets also look amazing, so I would highly suggest getting down to a shop and getting yourself one!




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