Review // Personalised Cupcakes: CakeToppers

A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to have been sent some delicious complimentary little treats from a fantastic independent cake company in Surrey, called CakeToppers. I got sent two little cupcakes which were personalised with my blog logo on, and I spent the majority of the week trying to savour them and make them last because I loved them that much!


As you can see, these cupcakes looked absolutely incredible, and the looks certainly did not disappoint, they tasted equally as amazing! One was a lovely vanilla sponge cupcake, and the other was a chocolate cupcake, both topped with a heavenly icing which had been personalised with my logo! Now, I am a very, very big icing lover, so if I think icing is good then the chances are it is an incredible icing. I am very fussy when it comes to icing, but CakeToppers icing was lovely! It wasn’t too sickly, but was just sweet enough to give you that little sugar rush! Apart from the taste being impeccable with a lovely light sponge, the presentation was outstanding!

The cakes arrived in impeccable condition after travelling half way across the country!!! They came in a lovely box, packed carefully to ensure that when they reached me they would look as they did when they left Surrey, and it certainly worked. When they arrived they were in perfect condition and I was extremely impressed with how high quality the presentation and cupcakes were. Something which really impressed me was the quality of the logo on the icing. My blog logo is quite detailed and sometimes does go pixelated when being applied to custom products. However, CakeToppers ensured that my logo did not pixelate at all and that every small detail could be seen! Furthermore, I have seen logos on other icings actually leak in colour and it spread across the main icing, but CakeToppers colours stayed perfectly where they were meant to be and left a beautiful finish.

Overall, I was extremely impressed with CakeToppers, from their incredible tasting and looking cakes, to the wonderful customer service received. Their delivery is extremely fast, but just because the turnaround was fast, doesn’t mean a lack of quality as the cakes were to die for!

If like me, you love a good cupcake and fancy a bit of a personal touch, then I would highly recommend CakeToppers! But don’t just take my word for it, click here and get on their website and have a look at what you could buy! It’s not just cupcakes you could get personalised it’s all different cakes, so there is something for everyone! AND, that isn’t it…. oh no… the lovely people over at CakeToppers have given me *waits for a big gasp* a discount code for you lovely lot to use!

** If you want 10% off your order, then enter the code GAF10 at the checkout! Now you have NO excuses not to get ordering yourself some treats!!! *** 

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Disclaimer- I was sent these cakes to sample by the company, however, all opinions are my own x

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