Review // Shadow Switch

So it’s getting very, very close to party season, and one thing I LOVE about party season is that you can go all out with your makeup, especially your eyeshadow! So you can whip out the glitter and suddenly feel so much more festive. But let’s be honest, we all have that one favourite eyeshadow brush that we use and get annoyed at ourselves when we end up mixing colours! I sure know I do! And when I’m getting ready, I always tend to find myself reaching for the same eyeshadow brush each time, no matter how many new brushes I own, there is always that one brush that has a special place in my heart, gosh this sounds like a relationship!
Anyway, let me introduce you to the Shadow Switch from Beauty Essentials because this product has saved my life, well mainly my makeup brushes life but you get the gist! Basically, Shadow Switch is a dry makeup brush cleaning tool, which helps you to use your eyeshadow brush for so many different colours without it all blending into one! I’ll be honest with you, upon first glance, I was very apprehensive because how can such a little small tin with a dry black sponge inside clean my brushes?! This doubt was soon put to rest once I put Shadow Switch into action. No matter what colour eyeshadow you’re using, the Shadow Switch will remove it from the brush in one easy step. All you have to do is move the brush around the sponge in a clockwise motion, and the Shadow Switch will get rid of any product on your brush! I would love to be able to give you the ins and the outs on how this incredible little product works, but honestly, I have no idea, so I suppose we will have to settle with it is a magical little tin that does, just work. One of my favourite things about the Shadow Switch is that it is so small and compact you can put it in your bag and take it out with you and it saves you taking so many brushes when you go out!


The Shadow Switch from Beauty Essentials is one of many products that this upcoming company will be bringing out, and the products will be available to purchase at Sephora and online at the web page when it has finished construction. Luckily for all you amazing people who are thinking, yes I can to be saved by The Shadow Switch, it is already available on Amazon (click here!) for £5.99!! That’s right, it’s so affordable that you would be completely insane not to get yourself one! And with Christmas fast approaching, for such an incredible price, why not stock up and treat all your makeup loving friends this Christmas?
I for one, can not wait for the new products to be released in the new year because this brand provides such affordable products which are still of extremely high quality! I’d love to hear if you’ve also tried Shadow Switch and would love to know what you thought of it! So if you have, leave me a comment or drop me a tweet!
*GIVEAWAY* Now I loved my Shadow Switch that much that I have decided to do a little giveaway. I have got another Shadow Switch which I will be giving away to one of my lovely followers! Head over to my twitter @gabbyfabrizio and follow the instructions on this tweet!
*Disclaimer-I was sent this product to review by the companu, but all the opinions are my own

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