My Go To Films!

The third day into December and already, the cold weather is making me want to stay in bed all day and watch films while binge eating a packet of Pringles. Sound familiar? Now, I always struggle to find a good film to watch when I’m having a lazy day, but like everyone I always have my go to films to watch. So I thought that I’d share my go to films with you, to give you some inspiration of what to watch on your lazy winter days!

1. High School Musical high school musical .jpg

High School Musical, I find, is always a classic because not only do you have plenty of Zac Efron scenes, which is enough to cheer anyone up on a cold winters day but, with the DVDs, you also have the sing-a-long version. I mean come on, is there anything better than singing along pretending that you too, are in High School Musical?

2. A Cinderella Story a cinderella story.jpg

This is the perfect excuse to have a cry! This film has got to be one of the cutest films I have EVER watched! It’s one of those films that I can just go back to over and over again because every time I get so into the film like it’s the first time I was watching. I would highly recommend watching this film if you haven’t watched it yet!

3. Twilight twilight.jpg

Now I’m a bit of a Twilight freak, and I have the boxset and frequently watch it! The hardest thing about watching Twilight is deciding whether I am Team Edward or Team Jacob, I mean, it changes every time I watch it!

4. Hairspray hairspray.jpg

Again, another sing-a-long, and another Zac Efron film! Perfect combination if you ask me! A great toe-tapper, and will have you dancing around your room. Or wiggling under your bed covers depending on how lazy you’re feeling!

5. Taken taken

This is a bit different to all the other films that are my favourites, it’s a great thriller and I don’t think I’ve met anyone who doesn’t like Taken! So, I challenge you to watch it, and if you don’t like it, well I don’t think  you’re human because it is AMAZING.

6. 17 Again 17 again .jpg

My final go to DVD is again another Zac Efron classic. In case you can’t tell, I am a very big Zac Efron fan! 17 Again, will have you laughing for hours, and there’s even a topless Zac Efron scene for everyone to enjoy!

So there you go, that’s my top 6 go to DVDs, what do you like to watch on your lazy days?!


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