Olly Flavell: Interview and Single Release

Today, not only do I have the links to an amazing new song to share with you all, but, I also have an interview with the artist himself. I introduce, Olly Flavell and his new single Runaway.

Before we start, why not listen to Runaway for yourself?

Pretty catchy? I absolutely love Runaway, not only is it the perfect upbeat song to get you smiling and cheery but it just sounds like a summer breeze and an ice cold drink. You know what I mean, right? Basically, it’s such a refreshing song that just gives you those positive vibes, so pretty much brings your mood up. I can guarantee you that after listening to Runaway once you will have the tune in your head all day, I know I did. Let’s be honest, when you listen to a song, and you can’t remember it after 5 minutes and your mind is drawn towards the latest episode of Coronation Street, it isn’t really a very good song is it? Well, I had Runaway stuck in my head for hours, after listening to it once. And when I say hours, I literally mean, I had it in my head from lunch time all the way to dinner, so you could say that this is a pretty impressive song. One thing, in particular, I really loved about Runaway was the fact that you could hear and feel every lyric. Now you’re probably sat here like “of course you can hear, it’s a song”, now don’t be getting smart with me!! Think about all the songs you listen to, chances are the majority you’ve had to think, oh what did they say there? Or you’ve skipped back because you didn’t quite grasp it! Well with Runaway you can hear every beautiful lyric that Olly sings, and not only can you hear them, but you connect with what he is saying. But don’t just take my word for it, listen to it yourself and let me know what you think!!!

After listening to Runaway, I thought it would be the perfect time for me to have a catch up with Olly to discuss all things music and try and get some gossip out of him! So check out the interview below.

Hello Olly, how are you? 
I’m great! Thank you for having me.

So, 2016 has been a busy year for you! What have you been up to? 
Oh god, 2016… It has been hectic I’ve travelled here there and everywhere! But I’ve played some amazing independent festivals, gigs and even a mini tour! Summing it up seems too hard to narrow down! ‘Incredible’ if I’m honest!

Now you’ve recently released your latest single ‘Runaway’ from your 2017 EP Indigo Sunrise, which is available on Spotify, Soundcloud and Bandcamp,  can you tell us a little bit about the single? 
‘Runaway’! I’m proud of this release and I can’t wait to get more music out for my ‘Indigo Sunrise’ EP! I wrote, recorded, produced, mixed and mastered it all myself so I am more than pleased with it. But it’s a bit of a driving track and is a good summer song. (But yes I know its winter haha). It’s punchy which is what I like about writing music. I also like people to be able to hear what I’m saying!

You write all your own music, and I’ve listened to Runaway and love it! What was the influence behind this song? 
What inspired me to write the song? Well… ‘Runaway’ was written last year in fresher’s at University when I met this girl and she was… erm how do I put it… “pushy?” Haha!  But yeah that was the inspiration behind the track. Although I wrote it all that time ago it has been developed, rewritten and rearranged throughout this last year.

Obviously, I’m no songwriter myself, but I know that certain people have different rituals when writing a song. How do you get yourself in the mood to write a song? 
Oh wow, what a question! Well as a songwriter like myself I’ve worked in Publishing where I’ve written for other artists and producers etc but for my own personal songwriting, there is a lot of technique. For example, I like to try and use all the human senses so people can relate to me and what I write about. So, it’s more of a personal but in personal connection as a songwriter! That’s how I do it most of the time but of course, there are loads of different types of ways to write a song. To another songwriter, I might be barking mad!

Runaway is so catchy, and it is going to be aired on radio stations across the UK, how does that feel? It’s pretty incredible right?! 
Thank you! Yes, lots of local and some bigger stations are due to or have aired Runway on their show and it feels amazing. I can’t express how much it means for people to like my music let alone go out of their to play it on their radio show or review it like you! I must say a big thank you to the BBC Introducing team for supporting the release as well. Without them, I don’t think I’d be with the amazing opportunities I have lined up for the next coming months.

So let’s throw it right back, behind every talented singer-songwriter there is a story, what and who got you into music? 
Well, it’s one of those stupid simple ones really but, around 10 years ago my grandad left my brother an acoustic guitar. So, I stole it haha. And everything that has come from that is why I am here today. I mean I spent around four years playing open mic nights improving my confidence and crafting my music. So, where I am today is from all the years of just performing and writing my music!

Now I think everyone knows, that I absolutely love Robbie Williams (maybe a bit too much…. who knows) but, my question to you is if you could duet with anyone in the world who would it be? 
Haha! Robbie Williams is a beautiful man lol!
Robbie Williams is a very beautiful man, I agree!
Wow, anyone to do a duet with!? The big question there’s so many artists out there who I’d love to write a song and perform with… I’d have to say one of the favourite songwriters, probably being Jason Mraz. I love what he does and he crafts his songs so well. He’s rather a genius at music as a whole. But then again one of my favourite bands the Zac Brown Band write some amazing songs and they do some great co-writes. Hmm… That is a hard question to answer but I’ll go with Mr Mraz!

Good choice, maybe in the future will see a duet with Jason himself! So tell us a bit more about this upcoming EP, what is the style like? 
Oh the EP! I always say I’m excited but I am! It’s a lot of work to go through but all so worth it! It’s all in that similar genre of music so Pop/Country/Rock! I like to blend all my influences together which is basically what style of music is. I’ve never really been able to pinpoint my style to a tee…

I can’t wait to hear it! Like I mentioned before, 2016 has been a great year for you, what has been your highlight? 
I’m excited to get music out there so thank you! Wow, my 2016 highlight!? Hasn’t this year gone fast… Like where has it gone!? But 2016 for me was performing at 2000 Tree’s festival in Withington, Oxfordshire! I loved it. It’s such an amazing independent festival and people were so friendly and generally loved music. So, for me to play and early slot with a few hundred people there was something, it was something.

I’m really looking forward to what 2017 holds for you! Do you have anything coming up in 2017 that you can tell us about, come on I love a gossip! 
2016 has had some good things stir up but 2017 has so much more to come from me! My band and I are planning on doing a summer tour of festivals. I can’t wait for this. We’re performing at mostly indie festivals but it’s going to be a 10-date tour with some great features and maybe a headline show! So, I can’t wait for this! I’m now even more excited just talking about it haha!

And finally, to everyone who has supported you, or is reading this interview and finding out about you for the first time today (how exciting!) what would you like to say to them?  
Hello! To those who know my music thank you for supporting me up and helping me by guiding me through what I do as a songwriter. To those who are new, if you like my music then please come along on the journey with me. It’s amazing to feel so at home and supported so thank you!

Keep up to date with Olly by following all his social medias below.

Website – Click Here 
Twitter – Click Here
Facebook – Click Here
Instagram – Click Here 
Soundcloud – Click Here
YouTube- Click Here
Spotify – ‘Olly Flavell’
Snapchat – oliverflavell

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