Interview: The Scheme

Three piece band, The Scheme are the latest band everyone is falling in love with, and with very good reason!

Kyle, Kris and Aleksey are the people behind the latest incredible talented and smoking hot, trio that are taking over the music industry one step at a time. Having supported American band The Tide on their tour last year, the boys then released their own EP, and are the support for UK band, Union J this year.

I was so interested to learn more about the boys, their music, and of course, their future plans. So I had a catch up with these 3 lovely lads to see what was going on in the world of The Scheme.


Hey, guys! How are you all? 
We are great! Excited to take on 2017!!!
So let’s start at the beginning, how was “The Scheme” born?
It all started with me, (Kris) and Kyle meeting in a studio in London. We are still based there now actually. After writing together for awhile and really clicking we thought it’s time to put together our own project. Then a few months down the line we saw Aleksey performing in the house band on X Factor and thought he was great. We all got along like a house on fire and the rest is history.
For people reading this who for a bizarre reason haven’t heard of you guys before, can you tell us about your style? 
We are a guitar-led pop group that has a real passion for creating catchy music. It all comes from our hearts and is a real passion project for us. We just want to put a smile on people’s faces!
You certainly all do put a smile on people’s faces! I actually saw you when you supported The Tide on tour last year, how was that experience for you? 
It was amazing and we couldn’t believe the response we got. It was our first real tour and we still haven’t stopped buzzing from it. We love performing our music live, but the best bit is meeting all the fans afterwards. It means a lot to us that people would want to take the time to meet us and support us. We are always overwhelmed when people love our music.
Similarly, you’re supporting Union J on tour this year! How excited are you for that?
We can’t tell how excited we are to go on tour again. It feels like we have been waiting a lifetime, we just can’t wait. The boys seem really great too and I think we are going to have a real laugh on this one. Plus unlike last time, we actually have people coming to specifically see us on this tour, so it’s going to be really exciting to hear people singing our own songs back to us and stuff……Ahhhh, Get us on the road now!
Is there a certain city that you guys are most excited to go to or go back to and perform in?
Well, we can’t wait for the opening night in Newcastle, especially as we had a really great response there on the last tour. But obviously we are performing at our hometowns Bournemouth (Aleksey), Liverpool (Kris) & London (Where we all live now) so they are like top of the list. We haven’t performed properly in any of our hometowns before either so….it’s kinda a big deal! 😂 (To us anyway)
We all have embarrassing moments and I really want to know what’s your most embarrassing moment? 
Kris – I am super bad at Geography, it’s just not one of my strong points. Anyway one time this guy told me he was from the capital of France and I was like ‘Oh that’s amazing, I love Leon’. Well, you can imagine the look on his face. Don’t worry though guys, I realise it’s Paris now, LOL.
Aleksey – Does crying watching Beverly Hill’s Chihuahua count as embarrassing?
Kyle – I literally want to snuggle every doggie I see. So basically when you are coming after each canine that passes you by and like 95% of the owners give you the cold shoulder. You start to wonder ….. is my behaviour really expectable right now. I just think to myself ‘Don’t be so ridiculous’ and keep doing it, but I must look pretty strange and embarrassing to others sometimes I’m sure.
So let’s talk about your music. You released your EP ‘Jerome Heights’ last year, what’s your favourite track off the EP? 
This is such a hard question, we like them all for such different reasons. We guess we would go with Somebody Else’s Perfect though because we really like to think that our fans listen to that track and feel a little bit better about themselves as we genuinely believe in the lyrics of the song and they-they are all incredible.
The EP got a pretty crazy response! What was that like for you guys?
It’s amazing, it’s the first solid body of work we have released and to see so many people enjoying it is just really inspiring. We just want to create more for you all to enjoy now!
Is there a certain artist who has inspired you in regards to your music and style? 
We all have really different influences, but as a band, we find artists like The Script, Maroon 5 and One Republic really inspiring.
So different artists have different ways to get into the zone to write songs, do any of you have any strange rituals you have to do to get yourself in that zone? 
I wouldn’t say strange, but we like to go to really secluded places to write. So there are no distractions and just beautiful scenery to inspire you.
What was your highlight from 2016? 
Definitely The Tide tour. It was an incredible experience on and off stage that we will always treasure.
We better be seeing lots more of you guys this year!!! Do you have any exciting plans you want to share with us? 
Nothing we can give too much detail about, but you can definitely expect more music and more gigs from us this year!
Finally, to all your fans who have supported you what would you like to say to them? 
Thank you so much, we hope you all already know how much we love you. But your continued support couldn’t mean more to us. We can’t get anywhere without you so….you are just the best basically!!
Fan Questions!
  1. What made you want to start a career in music? (@Mcveywonderland)
    We have all always wanted to pursue music, I think it’s just something that’s in your blood.
  2. Who is your biggest musical inspiration? (@ptvlevi)
    Kyle – Justin Timberlake
    Aleksey – Nuno Bettencourt
    Kris – The Beatles/One Republic
  3. Can Kris marry me? (@starboynate)
    Maybe someday…….
  4. Favourite food? (@MccourtRhiannah)
    As a group, we would say, Mexican, where ever we go we are always trying out the local Mexican restaurant. It’s kinda like a band tradition now.
  5. Which show are you most excited for on the Union J Tour? (@_JadeWilliamson)
    Let’s just say opening night, because we just can’t wait for the whole thing to get started.
  6. Which Harry Potter House are you all in? (@PanicAtTheTide)
    Kris – Hufflepuff Kyle – Ravenclaw & Aleksey – Slytherin
  7. Do you have any plans to have your own tour anytime soon? (@eclipseharold)
    We would love to do our own tour. It’s definitely something we plan on doing in the foreseeable future.

Thank you to the boys for the chat, and thank you to everyone who sent questions in for them to answer! Check out their video for Somebody Else’s Perfect here, and make sure you keep up to date with them on social media!


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