Interview: Franklin Lake

I love finding new upcoming stars who I can follow on their incredible journey into the music industry, and of course, I love sharing them with you guys!! My latest find is Franklin Lake, and let me tell you right now, you will NOT be disappointed checking out this cheeky pop duo, made up of TayTay and Jude, who are not only incredibly talented but very pleasing on the eyes too! (One for all you ladies out there!!)


After listening to their music, I was very impressed, and naturally intrigued to learning more about these lads, and their passion for music. So naturally, I sat down and had a chat with them!


Hey, guys!! Lovely to finally get to chat to you, how are you?
We are really good and loving our journey at the moment!

So, for people who don’t know who you are, can you introduce yourself and tell us a little bit about the band?
I am TayTay and I am Jude, We are a pop duo from London.

How would you describe your style?
Our style is pop with an urban edge

Obviously, music has been and is a very big part of your life, who was your inspiration growing up?
Listening to artists like Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson who had so much soul in their pop sound David Bowie’s lyrics were genius and we grew up listening to what our parents were listening to.

Your career has been pretty amazing so far, but what has been the highlight?
So many highlights we have been very blessed with working with amazing producers including recording at Abbey Road in studio 2.

That is pretty impressive! You’ve met a lot of well-respected celebrities, has there even been a time you’ve been like starstruck by a person?
Will Smith on the red carpet at a film premiere was pretty amazing.

I can imagine Will Smith being a pretty chill guy haha! For me, I would absolutely love to sit down and have a chat with Ed Sheeran, but if you guys could have a meal with anyone in the world who would it be?
A meal with Scooter Braun so we could pick his brains

Good choice! You guys have obviously gigged quite a bit, what’s your favourite thing about being on stage?
The audience reaction and the crowd singing along to our original music.

So do you have like a certain pre-gig ritual you do? Come on now, who is the biggest diva?!
We always stand together with the team and say a little prayer !! We both have our diva moments !! Especially with regards to sound.

You obviously spend a lot of time with each other, what are each other’s worst habits??
Jude makes this sound with his mouth like a clicking sound while we are watching a film or listening to a track, Tay takes 2 hours to get ready

That’s nearly as long as I take to get ready!! So, let’s talk about your music! What have you guys got in store for everyone?
We have our new single Glad We Met which is out on 24th Feb, We were over the moon when we were played on New Years Eve on BBC Introducing London

So can we catch you at some gigs anytime soon?
We will be in Brighton, Newcastle, London, Luton and loads of other places over the next few weeks.

I’ll see you there! Finally, to all your lovely fans reading this today what do you guys want to say?
We adore your support and they are incredible, the loyalty warms our soul and without them, there is no us.

Thank you guys, It’s been lovely chatting to you! 
Thank you Gabby we LOVE YOU !! TayTay & Jude

2017 is going to be an incredible year for the Franklin Lake boys and my advice to you is to follow them right now and keep up to date with what’s going on in their busy little world. They’ve got some pretty cool events coming up, and with a single release in February there is no stopping the boys this year. Why not even go and see them at one of their gigs? If you do, let me know where you’re going! Send the boys a tweet too, say hi and join them for what is going to be an incredible 2017!

Follow Franklin Lake 



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