Interview: Devonte Edwards

Devonte Edwards is an actor and TV Personality, and has appeared in multiple BBC shows and reality TV show Love Fix. I caught up with him to discuss his career, and get some advice for people who like him, wanted to break into the acting industry.

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Hey how are you?
Hey I’m great, just doing what I’ve got to do! Pushing hard as usual.

So can you tell us a little about yourself for those who don’t know you?
My names Devonte Edwards, I’m an actor/tv personnel. I’ve done numerous tv shows and also participated in Theatre.

You’ve done a bit of acting, especially for BBC, is acting something you’ve always wanted to do?
Yeah, from young I always loved the craft of acting, I mean when I was younger I started a theatre production in east London called Immediate Theatre. Excellent school for theatre, especially being brought up in east London. My first ever TV Role was on BBC1 – The Boy In The Dress alongside David Williams. Fantastic experience, I mean from just meeting David Williams, he’s a right lad! On the first date of filming in Surrey at 6:00 am, I was on set meeting the whole cast, seeing the directors/cameras all in action I mean it’s a fantastic feeling.

How do you prepare yourself for a role?
Prep is key for acting, it’s mainly focusing on the characters feelings/movement and also his speech.

Do you have any advance for people who are wanting to break into the acting industry?
Yes, I would say, keep pushing forward. I know it’s hard in the beginning but you’ve got to push through as slowly doors will open!

You’ve been on reality show Love Fix, how was that experience for you?
Wow, reality is a lot different to acting, it’s not entirely reality but yeah. Wonderful experience, especially meeting Kojo Anim and also Ollie From Made In Chelsea. The laughs and joy I had working on that show. Made some friends for life off that show.

Would you ever consider going on any other reality TV show?
I’d love to break out into reality tv, but also be able to be recognised as the actor from etc…. But would definitely like to get into that industry a bit more.

Finally, what does the future hold for you?
I’ve recently filmed a reality style show with the BBC due to release very soon. Also, few other minor roles yet to be confirmed.


One thought on “Interview: Devonte Edwards

  1. Mark Scott says:

    Devonte is a scam artist. He runs Eliv8 Agency, and claims to do Instagram verification. I lost $3000 because of him. Now he doesn’t return my calls or texts. Do NOT trust him.


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