Interview: David Potts

The last few weeks have seen the return of Ibiza Weekender to out TV screens, and whether you religiously watch it or it’s your guilty pleasure, we are all truly and utterly obsessed with The Ibiza Weekender.

This series has already seen a few changes to ITV 2’s hit reality show and has certainly been very eventful so far. David is the new head rep to a team of cheeky reps, including new faces and some very familiar faces.

David is known for being the cheerful and fun loving rep, and the hardcore Weekender fans have fully welcomed him to his new role as the head rep. But how has this series been for David? and is he really as bubbly as he seems on TV? I wanted to find out more, so I had a chat with David and loved every second of it. So check it out below!


Hi David, how are you?
Hiya, I’m absolutely fantastic thank you.

Good! So, this series of Ibiza weekender is already proving different for you as you’re head Rep! How different was being a head rep for you?
Honestly, it’s so much different because this time I’m making this rules instead of listening to them. Also, it’s so weird having to tell your mates off when they are not flossing their job properly. To be honest, though I absolutely love it.

Yeah, I can imagine it must be pretty weird having control over your friends! Did you find it challenging being the head rep?
Yeah, 100% at first I was struggling with disciplining the other reps but I just got used to it so quickly and then it got so much easier.

You seem to have settled into being the head rep so well! When you arrived on Ibiza weekender you became loved by the public for your contagious personality, how was the response from the public when the show was aired?
Rather mixed, to be honest. The majority of people just think I’m dead funny and think I’m good to watch! But obviously, there are some people with negative comments. But honestly, I couldn’t give a shit!

Now your rep team is lovely, but if you could have your dream celebrity Rep team, who would you pick?
I mean I love the team I’ve got but if I had to replace them. I would definitely pick people from Geordie Shore like Charlotte, Chloe and Scott because they know how to party. Also definitely Tom Hardy because he is fit! And probably Scarlett Moffat because she’s hilarious.
Good choices!! What is your favourite thing about being on the Ibiza Weekender?

Honestly, the partying is amazing and the other things that have come from it like PA’s are a proper BALL!

You seem to be pretty close to the reps still, would you say you’ve made friendships for life?
Absolutely yeah I love them all to bits were like a family! Especially Ellie! She’s like my sister and we might be getting married.


David and Ellie 


So without giving away too much, what does the future hold for you?
Well, I’ve got loads of PA’s booked in and my manager is in talks with other TV shows!

Thanks for chatting David! Can’t wait to see what the rest of this series holds for you! 



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