Parklife 2017: Mud, Chatting with Rat Boy and The 1975 leading tributes.

To describe Parklife 2017 in one word it’d have to be, muddy. Yes, I was THAT person who went to Parklife in white pumps. I mean thankfully, they were only £3 from Primark (totally recommend them, they are soooo comfy!), but still, as you can see from the picture, they were certainly not fit for using again after my Parklife experience.

Mud 1

I was invited along to the iconic Manchester festival at Heaton Park Manchester by the wonderful team over at Listen Up! So huge thanks to everyone there, especially Liberty for sorting me out with a pass for my blog AND for online magazine Celeb Mix which I also write for.

When we arrived at Parklife we were greeted by thousands of excited festival-goers covered from head to toe in glitter and body paint, ready for the fantastic weekend ahead. I felt somewhat under prepared in the shoe department, feeling an overwhelming sense of envy every time I saw people walk past in wellies, while I was in my pumps, trying to avoid getting stuck in the mud. Which, by the way, didn’t work at all and I ended up stuck in the mud, nearly losing my shoes.


We were looked after so well at Parklife, experiencing the full VIP treatment thanks to Listen Up! The weekend was one which, I would not be forgetting in a while! From dancing the day away, to interviewing Rat Boy, my weekend was not short of fun! I got to interview Rat Boy, which was pretty cool, and I posted the interview over on my profile at Celeb Mix, which you can read here!

Rat Boy 1

The most touching moment of Parklife, has got to be the tribute that The 1975 beautifully made to the Manchester bombing victims.
As The 1975 were coming on stage, the screens were lit up with ‘We Stand Together’ touching the hearts of everyone watching.Joining The 1975 on stage at Parklife during the emotional tribute was The Mayor of Manchester, Greater Manchester Police and the Emergency Services.

Screen Shot 2017-06-11 at 21.25.09.png

© Olivia Williams / Fanatic 2017

Frontman Matty Healy asked the fans at Parklife to join him in a moment of noise, instead of a moments of silence, in a tribute for the 22 people who tragically lost their lives.

Healy went on to say “This is a music festival, and we’ve had our silence. We didn’t want to do a moment of silence, we wanted to do a moment of noise” 

And with that, Heaton Park was filled with insane noise as they showed their respect for the emergency service workers, some of whom were brought onto the main Parklife stage for the tribute.



3 thoughts on “Parklife 2017: Mud, Chatting with Rat Boy and The 1975 leading tributes.

  1. Rob Emery says:

    Hi Gabby

    Your writing gets ever better! I had a wry chuckle or too with this one. Congratulations …

    You might remember we spoke about a potential interview with Norman Lamb MP about mental health and his campaign to improve awareness and funding following the issues his son had.

    Norman was returned to Parliament last week, I’m pleased to say, in spite of an onslaught from the Tory money machine and UKIP deciding not to field a candidate and support the Conservative one. If you’re still interested in talking to him, please let me know and I’ll happily try and set something up for you.

    Hope you’re well, and the creative juices are still flowing.




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