Interview with Palette and I joined the team?!

If you guys follow me on Twitter (@gabbyfabrizio) you will have seen my mega exciting news this evening, that I will now be a blogger for the beauts over at Palette. And if you follow me on Twitter, you will know how much I absolutely ADORE Palette. So to let you guys know a little bit more about such an amazing service, and who I will now be writing for, I sat down and had a little chat.
(Remember to follow Palette on Twitter and check out their website!)
Hey! How are you? 
Hey! I’m good thanks! Super busy, but good!
Good. So, Palette! What is it? Can you explain to everyone who is maybe in the dark about Palette? 
So, Palette is a social media and booking platform for makeup artists. A makeup artist can create a unique profile and that syncs with their existing social media profiles such as a Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Twitter – we pull all the content to their Palette, enabling them to create a brand and marketing space. On top of that, an artist can be booked directly on the site and they dictate the prices (unlike every other beauty app out there)
The concept of Palette is pretty unique like you said and hasn’t really been done before. So what I want to know, is where did you get the inspiration from? 
It was my little sister Bella. She was training to be an MUA and I knew I needed to help her get out there, so I essentially created a Palette profile but then I thought – ‘If I can help my sister, why don’t I try and help other young boys and girls’. I sat in my room for about 12 hours with tonnes of magazines and pieces of paper and created a website overnight!
That is pretty impressive! So has makeup always been something you’ve personally been interested in? Or was it more of the technology and management side of it all? 
Not really, I’m a bit of a tomboy really – techy I guess.
Well, I LOVE Palette, as we all know! it’s just so easy to find someone on the site! Do you see Palette expanding over the next year and becoming an even larger platform for booking MUA’s? 
Yes definitely, we think that we’ll be expanding it a bit further than that. I can exclusively reveal that something big is happening in September.
You heard it here first! September! Keep it free! So, Palette, you give the chance for MUA’s to list themselves and basically, they can gain work from that? 
Yes, so they can create a profile and as I mentioned show everything about themselves on site and set their own prices – it’s so so so easy!
Yeah, it sounds so easy! And I suppose, listing yourself on a site such as  Palette along side some amazing and respected MUA’s such as Sean Maloney really is something that people should desire to do! Do you hope to continue building up the volume of MUA’s on Palette? 
Definitely! The more the better, we want to create a market place.
Some aspiring MUA’s might be a little nervous to join. Would you recommend joining Palette to someone who is just starting out their make up career? 
Definitely. We’re an email away and there to help where we can!
That is the support everyone needs! So, any big plans for next year? 
Yes, we do, all I’ll say is keep your eyes peeled for September!
Finally, anything you want to say to your loyal Palette users? 

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