Kandi Cosmetics Warm Palette & A Quick Chat!

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I got hold of the beaut Warm Palette from Kandi Cosmetics, and I was happily surprised at how pigmented the palettes were!

It took me a while to decide which Palette to pick from Kandi Cosmetics as there was so much choice, I eventually decided on the Warm Palette, but, it was a very tough decision to make!! Head over to their website and have a look at all of the options, and then you’ll understand just how tough it was for me to pick which one I wanted!!

I was so impressed with my Warm Palette and was pleasantly shocked at just how pigmented the palettes were. I was, at first, a little apprehensive having never had anything from Kandi Cosmetics before. However, they are completely worth the money.


The Warm Palette has some beautiful colours in that are perfect for creating a summer look. With a mixture of matte and shimmer colours, the palette can be multi-used to create both a day and a night look. Something which I LOVE about this palette is that the eyeshadow is not only incredibly easy to apply using your eyeshadow brushes, but it also comes off your brushes so easily too.

I spoke to the beauts over at Kandi Cosmetics to find out a little more about their brand, and to ask the all important question of what products they’d be treating us too next!!

Hey Guys! So, Kandi Cosmetics, how did you start? 

We saw that too many people are paying silly delivery fees and really high costs for products that arent even that good! We wanted to make a more accessible brand for everyone!

The free delivery really does draw a lot of people to you!! I love your Pallettes, and quite a lot of them are in fact beautiful Morphe dupes. The pigment is something which is amazing, and I love mine. Do you pride yourself in high-quality eye shadow for an affordable price? 

Yes, we do! It’s at the core of our values!

Do you have your own personal favourite palette from the brand? 

Hmmmmm, probably the Romantic Palette, the images don’t do it justice! It’s beautiful and all the shades are so different.

That one is insane! At the minute you only have eye shadow palettes, are there any plans to expand your beaut collection into more make up? 

Definitely – we want to go into highlighters next, but we think we need to offer more and more eyeshadows to our customers first! It’s what we’re good at!!

I can’t wait to see the expansion in the future! 

Thanks for talking to me!



Kandi Cosmetics

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