Interview:​ Marcel

Something which took over the nation this summer, even more so than last year, was Love Island and now that it’s finished the big question on everyone’s mind is, what am I going to do with my 9 pm each night? Apart from crying and watching repeat episodes, I can see no solution to this Love Island addiction we all have been overcome by.  An hour of our night was taken over by love, drama, challenges and a bunch of very attractive people, and we followed their journey from the start to the very end.
One person’s journey who the nation just fell in love with, was, of course, Marcel. From the very beginning, everyone fell in love with Marcel, and the support on Twitter was incredible. Then when Gabby eventually arrived in the Villa, the public couldn’t have been happier for Marcel and continued to support their amazing journey together.
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Photo: Love Island

I was lucky enough to have a chat with Marcel to talk all things Love Island, Blazin’ Squad and the future, and although I suggested it, I hate to break it to you but I will not be joining Blazin’ Squad anytime soon! Their loss!!
Check out what went down when I had a little chat with the lovely Marcel.

Hey Marcel, how are you?
I’m all good happy to be back, it’s been non-stop and hectic since I’ve been back. But it feels good to be out of the bubble and in the real world now.
I can imagine! So you’ve just got back from the Villa, how was the Love Island experience for you?
It was an intense experience a lot of ups and downs. After the first day, I wasn’t expecting to make it to the final but I did and I’m so grateful for all the support I’ve had from the outside. I think when Gabby arrived things got a lot easier as she was so like me we just hit it off. But the journey was amazing.
Let’s talk about Gabby! You finally found love when Gabby walked in, what were your first impressions of her?
My first impressions were just… she is something special. She had like a uniqueness to her. She was so different from the others she had such a positive energy to her. It was very attractive.
And the rest they say is history! Now obviously while you’re in the villa you don’t have any contact with the outside world so you didn’t know that you’d become somewhat of a national treasure with people tweeting things like “everyone wants a guy like Marcel” – what has the response been like now you’re back home?
It’s been insane!!!!! Little kids goin’ into shock when they see me, teenage boys shouting you’re my hero, middle age men and women shaking my hand and hugging me saying you’re a true gent.  I cannot believe the amount of love I’ve received out here, It’s amazing to know being myself has had such an impact.
Things could sometimes get a little heated in the villa and obviously, we only saw an hour a night, but what we did see was you always being on hand to sort out everyone’s troubles! Did the villa tend to have certain people who took on certain roles?
Me and Gabby were the parents, we cleaned up after everyone. I was the psychiatrist of the villa. Jonny and Jamie were the chefs.
Apart from Gabby, who were you closest to in the villa?
Camilla was my best mate in there from the first week. She’s a star.
Yeah, you two looked close! So do you think you’ve made lasting friendships from your summer there?
Yeah, I’m gonna be mates with everyone.
What was your highlight of your time on Love Island?
I think the obvious highlight was meeting Gabby, and all the moments we had together.
If you had to name a favourite challenge which would it be?
Going commando
 Something I’ve got to talk about is that you’re also known for being in Blazin’ Squad which was brought to the surface during Love Island, how does it feel knowing that since the show you have now introduced a whole new era of fans to Blazin’ Squad?
Haha! I’ve fully revived the Blazin’ Squad name and It’s amazing to see this new generation of squaddies. I can’t believe how much the Spotify blew up.
 It has just gone Blazin’ Squad mental! But, if you could pick anyone (apart from me – I know how heartbreaking) to join Blazin’ Squad for one night only, who would it be?
Gabby, of course, she’s got a decent voice!
What does the future hold for you and Gabby?
I think me and Gabbs are gonna just build on the foundations we made on the island and see where our romance leads. We’ve been doing a lot of catching up on certain activities which is always fun.
Well congratulations on making the final and finishing in 4th place, how did that feel?
I’m so proud that we made it to the final. I said it so many times no matter where I came I had already won with Gabs. We do get loads of people saying they wanted us to win but I’m just grateful for the love and support.
Finally, to all the people who supported you and voted for you what do you have to say to them?
For all the people that supported me and Gabs throughout the summer, I just want to say a massive thank you. It’s so hard in there but knowing that a large part of the nation has your back is reassuring as the further you get the more intense things become. I’m so grateful and appreciate the love, so if you see me out don’t be shy come and say hello and get a selfie. Big love.

It was lovely chatting to Marcel, so big thanks to him for taking the time out to chat with me! And you heard him, if you see him out, go and say hey!!
Keep up to date with Marcel and follow him on Twitter here. 

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