Our day at Chester Zoo : Thank you Social Chain!

A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to be invited to Chester Zoo for a day full of fun by Leah and all the team over at Social Chain. If you don’t already, be sure to follow Social Chain to keep up to date with all their amazing work that they do!

I took with me my two friends, Lauren and Natasha, and after many road diversions and singing like we were the next girl band auditioning for X-Factor, we arrived at Chester Zoo, picnic in arms ready for the day ahead.  Big shout out to Natasha for driving us there, and of course, myself for being an amazing DJ throughout the journey. After a pretty speedy journey to Chester we finally arrived at Chester Zoo, and after parking up we walked over to meet the lovely Anna who greeted us with a goody bag! Within seconds we were spoilt, and I absolutely loved my little cuddly toy that was in my bag! And it was here that our pretty epic day at Chester Zoo began.


If you’ve never been to Chester Zoo, 1) what are you playing at, it is one of the best days out for ALL ages, and 2) You don’t realise just how big it is. We spent hours walking around the zoo trying to avoid missing anything out, and even though it was the summer holidays it was still a relaxing day out!

We each had our own personal favourite animals we wanted to see, and the animals that we’d rather avoid. With Lauren avoiding the sloths, Natasha avoiding the butterflies and moths and me avoiding the snakes it was questionable whether we were grown up adults or little children jumping at every opportunity. But of course, there were the animals that we were just desperate to see. Ever since stepping out of the car I wanted to see the Flamingos and the Meerkats, and they didn’t disappoint at all. In fact, I was that impressed by the Flamingos that Natasha even pretended to be one!

Lauren and I visited the butterfly enclosure, which you might think was a really fun experience, however, as you can see from my tweet, I soon found out that unlike the butterflies I could see in my back garden, a lot of them were HUGE and one of which decided my head looked like the perfect landing point!

Overall, we had an AMAZING day at Chester Zoo, and I would totally recommend it for a day out no matter how old you are – there truly is something for everyone. Whether that is looking at your favourite animals, or taking part in one of Chester Zoo’s feeding the animal’s experiences, or climbing all over the new play areas – Chester Zoo is the perfect day out, and I would just like to thank Social Chain, and Chester Zoo for inviting us on such a fun filled day!

*I was kindly invited down to Chester Zoo by Social Chain, however, all opinions and views remain my own. 



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