Jsky’s Fashion Night

I had the pleasure of Jsky inviting me to his annual fashion night, held at The Living Room on Deansgate, and I was buzzing when he asked me to go. Jsky’s annual fashion nights are always so much fun, and a huge success, so naturally I was thrilled to have been asked to have been part of it. Upon arrival, we were greeted by alcohol, a host of celebrity names, and of course, Jsky looking absolutely fabulous in a multi-coloured outfit that caught your attention as soon as he entered the room.

World of JSky Fashion Night, The Living Room, Manchester

Photo Credit: The Vain Photography

The theme for this year’s fashion night was simply – Be The Best You – Emphasising how there are no rules to fashion, all you have to be is camera ready! It was so lovely seeing what everyone was wearing, and really was interesting to observe the range of outfits people were wearing. Some girls were wearing stunning ballgowns in comparison to other girls looking on point in jeans and a tee! Same with the men, some pulled off a suit perfectly and others went for a more casual, yet still completely slaying, jeans and a shirt.

Screen Shot 2017-09-22 at 12.41.11

I opted for a slogan tee – one of my favourites from Look Of The Day (check out their Twitter here)  and leather look leggings, teamed up with gold boots! Whatever you were wearing, you were made to feel completely comfortable all night, with compliments flooding in from Jsky himself, and your fellow guests.

Joining Jsky at his “blue tick heaven” was a huge list of his celebrity friends, who had all come down to support this incredible night, including Love Island’s and local business entrepreneur Scott Thomas, and Big Brother and Ibiza Weekender Star Ellie Young.

Photo Credits: The Vain Photography

Photo Credits: The Vain Photography









The setup for the night was really good. In between each collection showcase from some pretty talented designers, there was a musical act, who really got the guests dancing and enjoying their night, of course, Jskyhimself opened up the show by treating us to his very own song.
Bringing the catwalk to life, clothing brands Rene K, Mirror Image Style, Hagh UK, Incarnate Clothing and Intense Clothing showed us their insane men’s and women’s collections, and left us all wanting to fill up our wardrobes! In between each collection, was a musical performance from the likes of China Lane, Tre Amici and X Factor Sensations Misha B and Seann Miley Moore.  I was sat with Misha during the night, and she is one of the funniest girls I have ever met in my life, having me in fits of laughter throughout the evening and she absolutely slayed her performance!

Misha B


Jsky’s fashion night was raising money for an incredible charity – Forever Manchester. Forever Manchester is a charity which uses the money from donations to fund and support the local community with community activities across Greater Manchester. Activities are suited for a range of people, really bringing the community together and supporting the younger and older generation, disabled people and homeless people. It is such a great charity, and the perfect one for Jsky to raise lots of money for.

I had such an amazing night at Jsky’s fashion night and I just want to thank him once again for inviting me to be part of this 100 special guests who got to witness his fabulous night first hand, and I for one, can not WAIT for the next Jsky event!



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