Interview: Scarlett Lee

Some of you may recognise the beaut Scarlett Lee from the recent series of The X-Factor, where she made it all the way to six chair challenge to unfortunately be sent home. Since her first audition when super X-Factor fan Scarlett first came on our screen, I LOVED her, and so when we decided to have a chat for my blog I was thrilled!

To jog your memory, check our Scarlett’s audition!

So here is what happened when I sat down with Scarlett and we had a quick chat about all things X-Factor, makeup and Future plans!

Hey Scarlett, so nice to speak to you! How are you?
Hey Gabby!! I’m very well thank you, thank you for having me on your Blog! Super excited!!

 So, you’ve recently been on our TV on the latest series of The X Factor, and unfortunately, you didn’t make it through the 6 chair challenge. How was the X Factor Experience for you?
The only way I can describe it is a roller coaster ride for sure! It was the best experience of my life I have learnt so much and made so many beautiful talented friends! All my life I’ve dreamt of performing at Wembley and to be on that stage just felt incredible!! It definitely felt like home for sure! It’s made me realise how bad I want this

 We found out in your first audition that you were a big X-Factor Fan!! How surreal was it to know you were actually on the show?
It was crazy! From being a young child in my mum’s heels & lipstick and having my mum and dad act out Sharon and Simon to standing on That stage were so surreal for me! I love the show I think Simon Cowell is great for giving us the x-factor! A chance to become something

Now, the response to you getting kicked off the 6 chair challenge was mental! I saw so many people tweeting saying that you should’ve gone through! How amazing was that support to see?
It was overwhelming I properly haven’t cried so much so much in a long time hehe! I just can’t thank everyone enough for the response, I don’t think I will ever be able to repay them! It just blew me away to think how many people Believed in me! and for that reason I’m even sadder I’ve left the competition.

I think you 100% were a public favourite, and we are all sad to see you go! The big question is, are you going to continue singing?
Thank you so much!! It just blows me away I love everyone so much I feel like printing of all the amazing tweets and posting them on my wall it’s so mad being noticed everywhere And I will NEVER give up my singing I’m going to the top whether it’s going to take me a million years I’m a big believer in God has given me a Blessing so I’m working until I get there! Giving up isn’t an option.

So, before X-Factor you were very into makeup and I have to say you are insane at it! So, of course, let’s have a little chat about make up! What are your top 5 holy grail make up products?
Thank you so much!!! It would have to be: 1. a good Brow Pomaide! 2. Foundation 3. I have to have concealer to cover these bags there definitely not Chanel! 4. a pair of lashes and 5. I couldn’t live without a Beauty blender!! It’s my holy grail!

Do you have any top tips when it comes to make up?
Just be you! Don’t be scared of what people say people get so scared of by make up if someone is confident in their own skin we should be happy for them! If they want to wear a lot let them if they want to wear less let them there beautiful no matter what but society forgets sometimes some people love to wear makeup it makes them feel that little bit better in them selfs and if that gets someone through there bad days let them work it! Also, a beauty blender go grab one it will change the game so much and I have to say a bit of concealer under the brow just makes everything Great!

Finally, do you have any exciting projects coming up?
Of course! I’m working on an album at the moment doing some amazing charity gigs for special causes also I’m arranging my own show in London soon so exciting!!!

I can’t wait to see what Scarlett get’s up to, and I know it’s going to be HUGE! So make sure you keep up to date with her!

3 thoughts on “Interview: Scarlett Lee

  1. shootingforthemoons says:

    Blew me away again, love! Right off the bat it’s beaitifully organized, the questions are to the point and i especially love love love the fact that you asked about her plan for the future! Will definitely keep track of this queen. Thank heavens you wrote this, love, i dont watch x factor so i wouldn’t have known about her. xx


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