Strawberry Macaroons, Prosecco & A Chat with Jsky

Taking time out from his busy schedule of preparation for his latest event I caught up with Jsky at the beautiful location of The Living Room in Manchester, for a quick chat about all things events, music and fashion.


Walking through the door with a yet another new hairstyle, this guy LOVES a hairstyle,  Jsky completely slayed his new look and rocked the suit ready for our catch up. With a glass of prosecco in hand we got down to business and started talking about everything and anything.  Jsky, for those of you who don’t know him, let’s just start with where have you been living? Although not looking it, Jsky is a 30-year-old singer from Manchester, who has recently been given the title of a fashionista. But, what is the definition of a  fashionista? And more so, who can be classed as a fashionista? The way in which Jsky described it was somewhat beautiful, as he went on to describe a fashionista as someone who is not scared of clothes, won’t be defined by anything and wears exactly what you want and what is right for you. Therefore, any one of us can be a fashionista. Expressing our individuality and having the confidence to do this through the medium of clothes, we can all become our own fashionistas, and that is something which Jsky is really passionate about.

Undoubtedly, Jsky is extremely talented at what he does, and I wanted to know exactly where this had all started from. Because everyone has to start somewhere, right? With his love for events and passion starting when he was at Huddersfield University, Jsky has not looked back since and has hosted countless successful events, a huge portion of which have been for charity. Something which Jsky prides himself in, is making sure that al his events are fun and unique, and he went on to say his main aim is for everyone to have fun and feel comfortable. Speaking from experience, I have been to Jsky’s events before, and this is certainly the case. From the moment you walk in, you a greeted with a warm reception which stays throughout the night and you immediately feel extremely comfortable. The events that I have attended have always been fun and that little bit different. Something that I love about Jsky’s events is you could turn up in a ballgown, or turn up in leggings and Jsky would still welcome you, and still, make you feel like the most beautiful person in there because he truly believes that as long as you are comfortable you make the fashion.


Moving away from the long conversation we had about where I was planning on getting my latest event outfit from, we chatted about Jsky’s last event, which was a fashion night and you can read my blog post about that night right here. The fashion night was raising money for the wonderful charity, Forever Manchester. Jsky is an ambassador for Forever Manchester, a charity which helps fund projects across the Greater Manchester area for vulnerable groups of people who need the help. His fashion night was a roaring success, and after spending ages reminiscing about how well the night went, Jsky said how that is all he could have hoped for. It is his mission to just make sure everyone has a good time, and that was certainly evident. Although an ambassador for Forever Manchester, it was heartwarming to discuss just how passionate Jsky is about any charity work. As long as he can help, Jsky said he will help. If he sees an opportunity to make a situation better, he will do so. And that is something which we should all take inspiration from. If there is a point we can help someone or a group of people in any way, we should do it.

The topic of conversation slowly moved across to music, and Jsky’s latest single which he performed at his recent event. Naturally, I wanted to know when it was out, and along with hundreds of other people, I asked Jsky just when we could get ourselves a copy of this single, to which, Jsky replied with the end of this year beginning of next. Now, this is exciting! With a music video ready for it, and the exposure of it already very high, this single is going to take people by storm and you should all get behind him for it!!

Now, when Jsky invited me to his upcoming MTV Staying Alive event, I just couldn’t say no. And so, while sitting in The Living Room and nibbling on the most beautiful strawberry macaroon, I asked Jsky about this event to prepare myself a little bit for what to expect. A night full of entertainment, fun, and charitable causes. With performances from talents such as Kiera Weathers and Kris Evans, Jsky tells me how he hand-picked every artist performing to ensure he had a range of styles and showcased the very best in emerging talent. When we finished discussing just how talented the performers are, we started to speak about the incredible raffle that is going to be at Jsky’s event, and honestly, I can not wait!! A restaurant voucher for a meal as one of the prizes when you absolutely adore food is a great prize, and that – along with many other amazing prizes kindly donated – are sure to get people purchasing a raffle ticket in hopes to win! Partned with Kiehls, it is set to be a roaring success of a night!

As our afternoon together finally drew to a close, I was keen just how people could get involved if they weren’t at the event, because it is such a worthy cause to get involved with.
You can get involved by using #MTVxSAF on social medias, and if you are feeling generous you can donate £5 by texting “KIEH99 £5” to 70070.




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