My Key 103 Live Interviews with James Arthur, Rudimental, Sigala and John Newman!

Thursday night saw the return of one of Manchester’s most talked about, and loved, concerts. Of course, I’m only talking about Key 103’s Christmas live concert with this years acts including: Louis Tomlinson, James Arthur, Louisa Johnson, Rita Ora, Sigala, John Newman, Zara Larsson and Rudimental.

This years Key 103 live was no let down, it was full of energy, adoring fans and of course, mega talented performers! The people of Manchester and beyond turned out in force to watch their favouirte acts and have a great evening, and they were certainly not let down.

The sea of adoring fans faces smiling and laughing filled the arena, and you could tell that everyone was having the best time ever. Before the concert started, I was lucky enough to catch up with 4 of the artists performing for a quick chat! So sit back, relax, and have a look at what went down when I caught up with James Arthur, Rudimental, John Newman and Sigala!


James Arthur


James Arthur is an artist that I have seen multiple times live, and is the kind of artist that you never tire of seeing, and each time he brings something new for you! With his comeback to the music scene being long awaited by his adoring fans, he took everyone by storm with his new music and continues to do so, so I was exepctionally happy to have a quick chat with him!

Hi James, how are you?
J: Good thanks, really good! And I hope you are too!

I’m great, thank you! So I’m actually seeing you at your upcoming Liverpool date on your upcoming tour! How excited are you for the tour? 
J: Aw thanks, yes it’ll be a good night, and a good tour! I am very excited for the tour and can’t wait to perform for you all!

Speaking of performing, what can we expect from your Key 103 Performance? 
J: Well I’m only doing four songs, so unforunately not a whole set! I’ve got my band with me, so just really the singles is what you can expect!

I mean we’d LOVE a whole set! But, lets talk about the Teen Awards, you popped up with Camilla, no one saw that coming! 
J: I’d love to do a whole set!! They asked me to perform with her and I was honoured, and I think it worked really well!!

James closed the entire show, and treated the crowd to his classic hits having everyone singing along and dancing away. James has the sort of stage presence that manages to fill a venue and instantly gets you singing along. His Key 103 performance didn’t disappoint, and certainly gave fans a teaser of what to expect on his upcoming tour! Of which, you can find tickets to right here!



Phot Credit: @deviouspop

Me and my friend Dan (hollaaaa everyone go check out Devious Pop right here) ended up creating a handshake with Rudimental, and after the many attempts of trying to perfect this handshake, and getting it wrong so many times, we thought we better discuss some music with the boys! FYI, it was a really complex four way handshake that we had going on….

Are you excited for tonight? 
R: Yes!! We can’t wait! Are you excited?

Yes! I can’t wait to see you guys!! So what can we expect from this perfomance?! 
R: We’ve got a couple of guests with us!! We’ve got James and we’ve got John with us, we’ve got a a trumpet player and a female vocalist as well! So lots of exciting things for everyone at Key 103!

That sounds so good! You certainly know how to bring a party! 
R: Well you said it not us!!! We will be bringing the Rudimental energy with us like us normal!

The question on everyones lips is, new music, what’s happening? When are we getting some? Whats the deal with it!?! 
R: We’ve been in Wales the last week, locked ourselves away to finish the album away from all disrtactions!

Okay so, Wales, locking yourself away,  I’ve got to do a test here on just how far away you are from distractions, do you get phone signal? 
R: No we don’t!

That’s when you know you’re deep in the countryside then!! 
R: Yes! Just about got the wifi! So basically, we are out there trying to put the finishing touches to our album, and get our head away from all the hustle! We really are in the middle of nowhere!!

I for one, can not wait to hear the new album, and that Rudimental energy to be in an album for us all! They 100% brought the party to Key 103, like they do with every performance they give! Looking round at the crowd during their performance was particularly interesting – people who were lacking energy and sitting down were suddenly on their feet and dancing! It looks like that’s Rudimental energy passed on to us all!

John Newman 


Photo credit: John Newman

John Newman is the name on everyones lips, despite being away from the music scene for quite a while – but I have news; he is back. Preparing for the new music, and new vidoes John is very busy working on all this amazing stuff to treat us all with, and I can’t wait!

So this is a good come back, we haven’t seen you in a while! 
J: Yes! I’ve been hiding in the studio, so this is a little bit of a comeback like hello I’m still here! I’m actually on a really strict diet because I’m going to be filming a new video soon!

Oh wow a strict diet, all I can think of is the Eric Prydz video!! Is that what we can expect then!? 
J: Oh no not like that!! It’s a bit grungey and up north again, and a bit Love Me Again in that kind of feel! But that’s all I’m saying! The rest is a suprise!!

Yes, I love a surpise!! So, will you be teasing us tonight with any new music?
J: No not yet, it’s a bit early! I’ll be performing all my classics just as a remember me really! And I can’t wait! But the new music will be soon!

Aside from being an insane vocalist, John always looks impecuble, and upon asked who is suit was, he said “it’s not who you wear, it’s how you wear it” – which I think is an amazing saying for people to live by. And if John Newman lives by this saying, then of course, we all can! Turns out his suit was very exotic and handmade abroad so unfortunately we won’t be able to get our hands on that anytime soon! But nevertheless, John looked and sounded incredible and really did remind everyone of that true John Newman vibe that we have all missed in our lives!



Photo Credit: @DeviousPop

With the Pride song of the summer, Sigala has had an incredible year so far, and it doesn’t look like it’s stopping now!

hey! Are you excited about tonight? 
S: Yes always!! So excited to get out there!

I Can’t wait to see you! What can we expect from you? 
S: My stuff, mixed with some throwback old school stuff! It’s something that I always try and do because not a lot of people do it!

That’s something so lovely, because you’ll have a lot of parents taking their kids to see this concert so it’ll be nice for them! 
S: Yes exactly! It appeals to everyone, and that’s something that I love!

You’ve had pride song of the summer, came here for love! What does that feel like? I can imagine that it’s pretty overwhelming! 
S: Yes, it’s pretty indescribable but at the same time so breathtaking!! I’m so grateful for it! So thank you!

I had a great time at Key 103, so thank you everyone down there, and well done to everyone for putting on an absolutely incredible show!!

My personal highlight would have to have been Louis Tomlinson, because anyone who knows me, knows that I love One Direction and the boys solo careers! So to see Louis perform at Manchester Arena by himself, and to have the crowd singing his songs back, really was something so magical to watch!

All of the artists were exceptional, and from the response of the audience everyone seemed to be in high spirits when leaving the venue! I suppose now, all that’s really left to say is, until next year Key 103!




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