Model Behaviour is finally released!

I went to the beaut Sasha Brown’s single launch the other week where I was treated to the delights of free cocktails, DJ’s and of course, Sasha showing her incredible multi-talented self off during the course of the evening! The location for the single launch was the absolutely stunning MNKY Hse, in London, and it was extremely intimate. I had a great night, and whatever them cocktails were, I loved them, as you can tell from this photo of Dan from Devious Pop, and myself.

Screen Shot 2017-11-12 at 20.38.57.png

After being treated to a sneak preview of her new single, I can now announce that Model Behaviour has officially been released, and all of you can go and take a listen, download or buy the song – and I promise you that you certainly won’t regret it!

Singer, songwriter, saxophonist and Radio DJ Sasha really is full of talents, and her beautifully wrote and produced song Model Behaviour really just highlights how talented she is. Not only is Model Behaviour a complete bop, but, it also has an incredibly meaningful message to the song. Model Behaviour is a song about the extreme lows and highs of the industry, really focussing and highlighting the extreme variations in the industry. Furthermore, this song also breaks the common facade that being a model is just all good. Now, I’m not saying that Sasha is sat slating the modelling industry because she is far from it. Instead, she has a beautiful song that takes you on a lyrical journey showing you the highs and lows, while keeping a positive message throughout!

You can buy Model Behaviour here, and make sure you keep up to date with Sasha on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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