Interview: The Band

If you haven’t heard of The Band Musical, then I have one question for you: where on earth have you been? The Band Musical takes you on an emotional rollercoaster and is amazing at showing the positive impact a band can have on a persons life. It captures this sense of reality in a way that has never been done before, and that is why I love it.

The Band phenomenon is certainly taking over the world, and I had the pleasure of watching it during the Press Night in Manchester, which you can check out my review right here. (shameless plug!)

After watching The Band Musical I was left not only wanting more but wanting to talk to the cast involved and find out how the experience was for them. I was lucky enough to sit down and chat with 4/5 of the lovely Five To Five boys, and we discussed everything from a Dominos 24 Day Advent Calendar, to what you guys their fans, mean to them!!

You were all on the TV Programme Let It Shine, and you won! What was the process like coming off the show and heading on tour? 

AJ – It was quite a quick turn around! We did the final on a Saturday night, and then on Sunday we filmed an advert with Take That and Robbie, and then we did all the radio, TV and press stuff!
Yazdan – After we did the advert, we did the workshop rehearsals of the show, where we basically did script reads or blocked parts of the show out, and kept doing that back and forth so they could get the script right. Then in Summer we went to London and we were there for about 8 weeks, and since then, we just haven’t stopped!

So obviously, you are all into singing! But how did you get into it? 

AJ- I’d never sung before! I’d always sung at home in my room, and then I put a headshot up on this Star Now page, just for the sake of it, and a guy who was putting together a boyband for BGT or X-Factor contacted me based on this single picture of me, and was like you look like you could be in a boyband. So from there, I sent him this voice note of me singing a 30-second clip of Taylor Swift’s Style, and well I’ve been in a boyband ever since!
Sario – *jokes* is it that easy mate?!
AJ – No! I was saying, I wouldn’t be here now if I hadn’t have put that picture on that site!
Curtis – Everything leads to something!
AJ – Yes, exactly!
Curtis – For me, I have always enjoyed writing music, that’s one of my passions and what better place for me to be than in this musical, it’s a dream.

You’ve all worked a lot with Take That, were you all Take That fans when you were younger? 

Curtis – Yeah!
AJ – We’re all Take That and Robbie Fans.

The big question, who is your favourite member? 

AJ – We’ve all got different favourites for different reasons. One of us will like one of their characteristics and they will be that persons favourite in that respect, but then we will like someone else’s vocal ability and then suddenly we will have a different favourite. I think they are all very different and all have very different qualities, and that’s what we like to think of ourselves having also.
Curtis – That’s really what makes a good band.

You’re on the road a lot, what is your favourite thing about touring? 

Yazdan – I like seeing all the different cities. I’ve never been to half of the places on the list, so when I get somewhere on a Sunday, I go for a walk and explore the town centre.

What has the fan response been like to you guys as a band and the show overall? 

AJ – I think it was important to us, because Take That fans aren’t used to five people who aren’t Take That singing Take That’s songs, so it was important to first make sure that goes down well, which it has! The response has been really great about us singing Take That’s songs, but Take That fans aside, we have had 5-star reviews across the board, so I think it’s going down well!

Yeah, I went to the Press Night in Manchester, and what I found really heartwarming was that you saw mothers there with their children, and it was so lovely to see how two different generations were sharing a common interest! 

Sario – It’s so nice to see! Did you enjoy it?

Yes, I really did! 

Curtis – It’s like they’re passing it on, and by us singing Take That songs for the next generation of fans, it means mums who grew up on Take That’s songs can now share that joy with their children, through us!

Speaking of fans, what has been the craziest thing a fan has done? 

Curtis – Tried to climb up through our dressing room window!
AJ – Yeah, our room was quite hot so we opened the window and we were on the bottom floor. Next thing you know, there is a fan trying to climb through our dressing room window!

So to any of your fans reading this, do you have a message for them? 

Yazdan – We’ve come such a long way, and it wouldn’t have been possible without your support, and we do know how loyal some of our followers are, and we do see you!
Curtis – We are actually celebrating our fans at a fan event on the 10th December so we can have the opportunity to get to know our fans a little bit better.
AJ – It has been really overwhelming to go on, for example, Twitter, and see the response, and see just how much people have taken us into their life. It really is an amazing feeling to know just how much a single person can appreciate us all.
Sario – You guys mean the world to us!

I asked you guys to get involved on Twitter and send me your questions for the boys. I got such an overwhelming amount of people sending me questions, and I really wanted to ask every single question to the boys, but unfortunately, I only had time for a few! So if  I didn’t pick your question, I’m sorry, but thank you to every single person who sent one in!

@25ShadesofCalum : What is your wildest dream? 

Curtis – I’d say meet Take That, but we’ve done that one now!
AJ – We have sort of ticked off a lot of them from our list. For me, I’ve always wanted to win a TV Talent show since I was younger, so I’ve done that!
Curtis – For me, I wanted to show Gary Barlow my songs, and I’ve done that!
Yazdan – I think also when your dreams become a reality, you start dreaming bigger because of what you’ve already achieved. When you achieve one of your dreams it gives you that platform to then dream bigger and create a bigger dream based on your original dream. And that’s where we are at now.
Curtis – I think for Five To Five, we can agree that having a top 10 album, a number one single and our own headline tour would be some new dreams for us!

@MoonieCFC : Do you keep a strict diet while touring? 

*All Laugh* 
Yazdan – Dominos!
AJ – We do like a Dominos. We pretty much think we’ve done a two-hour workout.
Yazdan – Sometimes even four, because we do two shows.
AJ – Exactly, so we think, we deserve a treat and it is so easy to just order a takeaway.
Yazdan – I had a Dominos last night actually, a small pizza, pepperoni bites and garlic bread.

@Mizzgemz83 : If you could be anyone else for a day, who would you be and why?

AJ – I’d quite like to be a royal, probably the queen! I’d like to see a day in the life of her, so like go round The Palace and see what she does.
Sario – I’d like to be a bus diver. As a kid, I always wanted to be a bus diver, so it’d be nice to see if it lived up to those childhood expectations, or I’d be a chef!

@Charlieflynn_x : What is your favourite ice cream topping?

Curtis – Raspberry Sauce!
AJ – I like mine without toppings, I just have it plain!
Sario – I only really have sorbet, and you can’t top that!

@bouncebckbltrx : What standout qualities of Take That as a group would you like to represent? 

Yazdan – They pretty much have everything going on for them. They have the stage presence, they are great singers, great dancers, funny guys, great in the press – they really do have the whole package!

@Jowadders01 : If you could go on holiday anywhere in the world, where would you go? 

Yazdan – I would like to go to The Maldives.
AJ – A remote island with no one there apart from a chef to cook food!

@hob_nob68 : Is there going to be a cast soundtrack?

Sario – The answer is… yes!

@MarkSW1994 : Who are your biggest inspirations? 

AJ – I’m going to say, Gary Barlow, it always has been! If you follow his life and see what he’s achieved and what he has gone through, it is pretty incredible.
Curtis – It always sounds very cliche for us to say that the Take That boys are our inspirations, but we are just normal guys, and we grew up with Take That, so it is still very overwhelming that we get to share a stage with them, and we still do count them as our idols!

I had a lovely time chatting to the Five To Five boys, and if you’ve not already seen The Band Musical, then get down to one of their shows because you seriously don’t know what you are missing out on! You can tell how much time and effort all the cast and crew put into this musical, and they’ve actually recently been nominated for ‘Best New Musical’ and ‘Best Regional Production’ in the WhatsOnStage Awards, so if you fancy going and voting click this link here and follow the instructions on there. I truly can’t think of a more deserving musical!




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