We conquered The Crystal Maze! 

If you’ve ever watched The Crystal Maze on TV, then going to The Crystal Maze Live Experience is something which you NEED to add onto your bucket list, and you the good news is, you can do it in Manchester or London!

Based on the popular TV show, now it is your turn to take on The Crystal Maze in the ultimate team challenge. Creating a team of 5 of us, Laura, Dave, Josh, George and I, all went down to the Manchester Crystal Maze experience to take on a series of mental and physical challenges and our day was filled with nothing but fun and competition.

Screen Shot 2018-01-03 at 19.29.00.png

When we arrived, as there was only 5 of us, 2 extra people joined our team, but they were lovely and really contributed to the team! As a team, you have to work together to overcome challenges of mental and physical requirements in the form of four adventure zones – Medieval, Industrial, Aztec and Futuristic. Each zone has a couple of games in, which you’re actually against the clock, so you need to work fast! Just like the TV Show! Our Maze Master, Foo, was incredible, and if you get him taking you round I know you will have an amazing time! He was always there to provide encouragement, and of course, laugh at you when you got frustrated with yourself and team members!  I won’t let you in on too much because you really need the element of surprise to get that full experience, but just be prepared for anything! The more challenges you complete successfully, the more Crystals you win – and just like the TV show the more time you’ll get to catch tokens in the iconic Crystal Dome. I have always wanted to go into the Crystal Dome, so this was pretty much a childhood dream come true!

Screen Shot 2018-01-03 at 19.29.13.png

I’d completely recommend the Crystal Maze and I know how fast the sessions sell out, so to secure a session go and book one on their official website. 

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