Prepared to be thrilled​ at Thriller Live!

Just like the incredibly cheesy pun of a title says, prepared to be thrilled while watching Thriller Live: 2 hours of non-stop hits and a journey through the legendary life of Michael Jackson. Including such hits as ABC, Smooth Criminal, Billie Jean, and of course Thriller – you will find it a challenge to not get up and dance! The show itself celebrates the career of The King of Pop and his incredible reign in the music industry. As an artist, Michael was incredibly respected, idolised and loved – not only for his lyrical wonders but his choreography and stage presence also, something which is captured beautifully in Thriller Live.

Thriller Live Britt Quentin 2.jpg

The lead singers were  Britt Quentin, Rory Taylor, Shaquille Hemmans and Adriana Louise, who were all incredibly powerful singers, that made hitting those iconic high notes seem effortless. Alongside these power vocals, lead dancer Sean Christopher had the audience speechless with his dance moves truly representing the King of Pop in his best light. Mastering many of Michael’s famous moves, including the Moonwalk, all the dancers were effortless. They had each routine nailed to perfection and made it look ‘easy’ – something which Michael also had the ability to do.

Thriller Live Britt Quentin 3.jpg

The Thriller Live band were equally as amazing as the singers and dancers. Led by Andy Jeffcoat, Musical Director, the band would often be shown to the audience and would come forward for guitar solos, leaving the audience speechless and demanding more!

Crowd participation is something which is a MUST at Thriller Live, with the singers getting the audience up on their feet and involved with dancing and singing. Something which made everyone’s evening that little bit more enjoyable. The staging of the show captivated the audience and brought that extra bit of Michael magic. With a creative and engaging use of projections, the crowd would often be treated to images and videos of Michael across the years.

If you are a fan of Michael Jackson’s music, then Thriller Live is somewhere you NEED to go.  This non-stop celebration of music from Michael Jackson and The Jackson Five is not one to miss. My dad and I headed down to the Theatre to watch this, and we were certainly not disappointed. Both of us were dancing and singing all night long, and it was lovely to see how many families all went together! It is certainly one to watch!

Thriller Live Britt Quentin 1.jpg

*I was kindly invited down to watch Thriller by The Regent Theatre, however, all opinions and views remain my own. 

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