Crystal Healing Therapy – Did it work?

*Before I start this blog post I’d like to point out that this is not a sponsored post,  I paid for the services received by Farah and was that impressed that I had to write a blog post in case there were people stuck in between decisions of whether or not to go and to share my experience with you all* 

So, I’ve been meaning to book a session with Farah for a while now – I’ve been feeling a little lost and like I’m wandering around just unsure of what to do. You know, we all get like that sometimes, when you’re just like what is the point? What am I doing? Who even am I? Now obviously I follow Farah on Twitter and Facebook and I saw all of her posts about healing with Crystals and how it has helped so many of her clients, and I kept seeing her posts and knew I just had to go.

Upon arrival Farah made me feel incredibly comfortable, which although I know her and she is one of my gals if this was someone who didn’t necessarily know her it would be crucial in their session to ensure that they felt safe from the moment they walked into the room – which I can predict if they felt as at home as I did, that anyone who visits this little ray of sunshine will be very comfortable.

The session with Farah is a personal and enlightening experience, with each step Farah ensuring that you are comfortable, relaxed and ready for the healing. I’m not going to delve into all my problems on a blog post because you all know me, ya gal is problematic and we’d be here for days discussing what my latest issue is! Let’s just say that after Farah explaining to me which of my chakra’s were off balance, we delved deeper into why they were – to find the reason and help with the healing. Now if you’re like me, you’ll have no clue at all about chakras. That isn’t a problem at all because Farah explained each of the chakra’s in my body and what they controlled and then how we were going to use the Crystals to open them up and help to heal me.

I’ll be honest with you, whether you believe in anything like this or not, what I experienced I’m certainly not emphasising for the sake of a blog post. The sensation is quite hard to describe unless you’ve felt it yourself and different people experience different feelings and have different experiences. The only way you can truly understand is if you go yourself for a session, whether that is with Farah or someone local to you.

I went into the room feeling stressed, holding on to a lot of feelings that were weighing me down, feelings for people that I needed to get rid of out of my life and just generally needing some help. During the session, I let go of those feelings and people that were weighing me down, and she made me believe in the most important person in my own world, myself. I 100% recommend Farah to anyone who is questioning going. I came out of the session feeling changed, believing in myself and motivated to be the best me that I can be, for no one else other than myself.

Screen Shot 2018-01-21 at 19.38.21.png

Go follow Farah on her Facebook Page ‘The Healing Habit’ or head over to her Twitter @FarahPopxo and have a chat with Farah about what she can do to help you.


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