Flip Out Manchester: The Latest Craze!

No matter how old you are, you will always get excited when someone gives you the chance to go and do something as fun as spending the evening at a trampoline park – which was exactly my response when Flip Out Manchester invited me down to their launch party which was nothing but fun, and in the best way, tiring!

Screen Shot 2018-01-27 at 16.19.59

Flip Out Manchester has recently opened near Sport City and has already seen a huge demand for people wanting to go down and check out the trampoline park for themselves. After you’ve done your safety checks and been given your bright green socks, you get taken into the main area, which is MASSIVE. There were so many different sections of the trampoline park meaning that it is extremely suitable for all ages. Even for the parents, who can sit upstairs in the cafe and enjoy a well-deserved chill-out! Flip Out is more than a trampoline park, and with a Laser Run, Ninja Obstacle Course, Dodgeball Court, Stunt Boxes, Cyber Towers, Ninja Slide Drop and so much more, you will find hours of fun in this one room!

Screen Shot 2018-01-27 at 16.20.16

I went down with my friends Lara and Jack and from the moment we stepped into the building to the moment we left, we were laughing, smiling and at some points questioning our physical fitness after seeing young children do backflips into a foam pit, which we had been stuck in for at least 15 minutes after simply stepping in to it. If you are one of those incredibly talented people who can backflip, then Flip Out Manchester is the place for you. With plenty of room, you can backflip your way around the room – or if you’re like us, you can just recreate the High School Musical cover where they’re all jumping up into the air… time well spent!


Flip Out is certainly a place to consider if your child, sibling or younger friend wants a birthday party and with 3 rooms fully ready and decorated for use, they will be the talk of the classroom. Of course, I’m sure Flip Out would have no objections if you wanted to hold a 21st Birthday Party there…

Screen Shot 2018-01-27 at 16.19.42

Being based in Manchester, something which I absolutely adored about Flip Out was the obvious Manchester pride running through the building. From the heartwarming Manchester Bee Tribute to the iconic bands of Manchester in the party room, Flip Out embraces everything that Manchester stands for.

Screen Shot 2018-01-27 at 16.19.50

I totally recommend going to Flip Out no matter what age you are, as I know you will love it. I’m so excited to head back down next week and spend my time taking so many pictures, jumping around, and forgetting about the pile of uni work I currently have to do! An excellent way to relieve stress and have a laugh!

And finally, a huge thank you to Roger for looking after us!

*I was kindly invited down to The Press Launch of Flip Out, however, all opinions and views remain my own. 

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