Oh what A night I had at Jersey Boys!!

L to R Lewis Griffiths, Michael Watson, Declan Egan & Simon Bailey in JERSEY BOYS. Credit Brinkhoff & M ¦genburg.jpg

Did I seriously just use another pun as a blog post title? I need to stop doing that, but I just can’t help myself! The only thing I have to say about Jersey Boys is wow, just wow. Everyone knows that I love a musical, and it’s pretty hard for me to say that a musical is one of my favourites because that means that it was just extraordinary, but I can safely say that I have found a new favourite musical in Jersey Boys.

I’d never watched Jersey Boys before Wednesday, and I am now kicking myself for not seeing it sooner because I have been missing out! But what exactly is Jersey Boys? And what makes it so special? Jersey Boys is a biography of four American boys lives showing the ups, downs, success and failures of their personal and professional lives. Based on the true story of Frankie Valli and The Four Seasons you will be gripped from start to finish watching the highly energetic performance from the entire cast, singing the classic songs that everyone knows and loves including Can’t Take My Eyes Off You, Bye Bye Baby, and December 1963! I went down to watch Jersey Boys with my dad, and from his dancing and singing throughout every single song, I’m not entirely sure who enjoyed it more me or him…

The story starts in 60s New Jersey and we then get taken on a journey following the four boys and the career including all the drama, prison sentences, debt, women, death, arguments, friendships, relationships and who can forget gangsters! There wasn’t a minute during the entire show where I wasn’t enjoying myself – even the more hard-hitting scenes, I was still fully engrossed in the production. Undoubtedly, this could have been down to the incredibly talented cast whose performances were nothing but perfection. Vocal abilities, dance moves and acting from the entire cast was engaging and polished to perfection. The Regent Theatre was packed full, with not one empty seat – and looking around every single person both young and old were dancing and singing along. It is certainly a production for all generations.

Michael Watson as Frankie Valli, certainly didn’t disappoint. His vocal abilities and range impressed me so much, and at times had me in amazement at how talented he was. Of course, he wasn’t alone – Simon Bailey, James Winter and Karl James Wilson were all equally as impressive as Michael and brought comedy, sophistication, laughs and pretty slick dance moves to the stage. All four guys sounded insane together!!

Will I go back to see Jersey Boys again? You bet I will. My dad enjoyed it that much that he came out of the theatre and within seconds he was on Manchester Arena’s website ready to book tickets to go and watch Frankie Valli and The Four Seasons because he had enjoyed Jersey Boys that much he now wanted to experience the actual Frankie Valli! As always, a HUGE thank you to The Regent Theatre for inviting me down!

Jersey Boys is running at The Regent Theatre until Saturday, February 17- So you have until then to get your tickets!! To book your tickets take a look at www.atgtickets.com/venues/regent-theatre/ or call the box office on 0844 871 7649


*I was kindly invited down to watch Jersey Boys by The Regent Theatre, however, all opinions and views remain my own. 

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