Legally Blonde: A Review

Oh my God you guys!!! (Okay, so I have just started the review with a Legally Blonde reference, after promising no more puns would find their way into my reviews… but here we are). Legally Blonde is famous for good reviews, catchy songs and a storyline that gets you hooked – before the Regent Theatre gave me the opportunity to go watch it, I had never seen it before, so naturally, I was very excited!

Screen Shot 2018-03-19 at 08.36.52.png

Never seen Legally Blonde? The production follows ‘it girl’ Elle’s life and how she surprisingly gets into Harvard, proving to everyone that she isn’t just a ditzy pink loving blonde! She follows love to Harvard, but with some ups and downs along the way things don’t exactly turn out how Elle expected them too, nevertheless, they still work out for the better! And of course, along the way we get astounding musical and dance numbers, introduced to Paulette and her UCP hottie, and get taught that we can do anything if we put our minds to it.

Everyone’s favourite Eastender Rita Simons, or Roxy Mitchel whatever you know her as was breathtaking as Paulette. Her vocal ability was top notch, and I for one was actually shocked at how talented she is singing! Throughout the entire performance, Rita’s characterisation of Paulette was incredible and her natural ability to perform comedy well certainly shone through! Even when her little Buster had a bit of stage fright, Rita remained professional and improvised the best she could!

Screen Shot 2018-03-19 at 08.36.15

X-Factor and Eurovision star, Lucie Jones, took on the role of the Delta Nu Sorority Icon, Elle Woods, and she fit in those sparkly pink shoes perfectly. There was no doubt about it that Lucie was going to give an epic vocal performance, but it wasn’t just the vocal performance that Lucie really fits into. The entire characteristics of Elle Woods, Lucie portrayed wonderfully, even the small details of the cheeky look to the side when she knows she is right.

Anthony Williams, the director, and choreographer got the entire cast into shape to deliver a performance that was polished down to the last snap of a finger and flick of the hair. Throughout the entire performance, the show was full of energy, perfect polished bend and snaps, and routines which left you out of breath yourself from just watching!

Screen Shot 2018-03-19 at 08.36.21

If you’re looking for an upbeat musical, that will provide you with endless laughs, a few cries, and certainly some aw moments, then you need to go and watch Legally Blonde. The good news? It plays at the Regent Theatre, Stoke, until 17th March 2018. To book click here. 



*I was kindly invited down to watch Legally Blonde by The Regent Theatre, however, all opinions and views remain my own. 


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