Parklife 2018!

Parklife is Manchester’s biggest annual festival, and after the amazing time, I had last year (shameless plug check out my blog post here!) so when the amazing guys from Listen Up invited me back for this year I was naturally very excited! Especially as Liam Gallagher was one of the headline acts! So, I grabbed my sunnies, plaited my hair and put on my best pout, ready for the weekend ahead! parklifeParklife was spread over two days and so much happened amidst the mud, laughter and compulsory festival chips. From Liam Gallagher dedicating Live Forever to the 22 Victims of the Manchester Arena Attack, to getting glittered up in the Pretty Little Thing van, these are my personal highlights from the weekend and top Parklife tips for not just Parklife but any festival you are going to this or next year!

Manchester Survivors Choir 

Manchester is still grieving for the horrific terror attack which happened in May 2017 at Manchester Arena after the Ariana Grande concert. What’s beautiful to see is the level of bravery and support still shown by Mancunians all over. Introduced by Andy Burnham, the Manchester Survivors Choir, made up of parents and children who survived the attack, put on an emotional and extremely touching performance of their charity single “A City United”. What was incredible, at this moment, the entire of Parklife just stopped. The Manchester Survivors choir once again brought the people of Manchester together. Looking around, there were comforting hugs, tears, friendships formed, but most of all, there was support. Easily, this was my highlight of Parklife 2018.

Liam Gallagher



Photograph: Shirlaine Forrest/Getty Images

Taking to Twitter before the festival, Liam branded Parklife as Parkalife in tribute to his statement fashion choices of classic Parkas. Gallagher fans flooded into Heaton Park, dressed in Parkas and merch, eagerly awaiting the return of Liam to the Parklife stage. Unfortunately, the return was solo and this wasn’t the long-anticipated Oasis reunion that the world is begging for, but nevertheless, Liam’s performance was 100% worth the wait. Although we didn’t get an Oasis reunion, Liam’s set was incredible, and he certainly gave the crowd what they wanted – a mixture of classic Oasis songs, and some of Liam’s new material, which is actually a really good listen!



Photograph: Steve Turvey/Fanatic 2018


The Atmosphere 

Until you have been to Parklife you can’t really describe the atmosphere to people. Everyone always asks me, what is Parklife actually like, and the truth is until you have been yourself you can not describe it! With over 80,000 people going through the gates of Heaton Park for this prestigious and somewhat historic Mancunian festival, if you go and it’s rained you better be prepared for your shoes to no longer have a place in your shoe collection. Thankfully, Parklife 2018 I managed to wear appropriate shoes compared to Parklife 2017 where I certainly didn’t and my brand new white pumps ended up a lovely shade of black! Parklife is a festival that you have to experience yourself, and if you ever get the chance to go, I really recommend that you do!

Festival Top Tips 

  • Battery Pack – now, in an Apple-dominated world majority of us have an iPhone, and we all know our phones die within 20 minutes of unplugging them. Invest in a good quality battery pack. That way you can keep up the regular Insta and snapchat updates, and you’ll be able to stay connected to your friends, should you be that friend who walks off at a Festival and is suddenly the other end of the field drinking a can of cider with a group of people you’ve just met from Scotland.
  • Appropriate clothing and shoes – you can tell that I’m getting older because if you had asked me this years ago I’d have said wear whatever you think looks good, and now, my answer is leaning towards the comfort side. Is that thong styled pair of shorts really the height of comfort for a 14 hour day?
  • Weather – sunburn can really put you in a bad mood (I’ve never had sunburn in my life and had it the other week – what is that even about?!) so make sure you layer up on the suncream before you head off for the day.
  • Check it out before – know who you want to see!! There is nothing worse than getting to a festival, and finding out you’ve missed your favourite band because you were in a long (and trust me they are very long) queue to get some slightly burnt but still very nice chips!

Did you go to Parklife? Let me know on any of my socials @gabbyfabrizio! and once again, a huge thank you to Listen Up for inviting me down! Although the guys at Listen Up invited me down, all opinions remain my own!


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