The one where we went to Friends Fest!

Anyone who knows me knows that I addicted to Friends. You hear about those people who have watched every single episode, start to finish, and sit and quote Friends in day to day social activities. That person is me. So when I found out that Comedy Central was bringing Friends Fest back to Manchester, there was no question about it I simply had to go. So with that, I recruited my friend Pedro to come to Friends Fest with me. And by coming to Friends Fest with me, I totally mean turn into my personal photographer for the day while I acted out every scene humanly possible.


I think it’s safe to say that everyone knows I am in love with Joey Tribbiani, so naturally, Joey’s apartment was the place that I was most excited to visit. Unfortunately, Joey didn’t answer the door when I knocked on… but always next time ey!

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It was so surreal to step onto the set of such an iconic and legendary show and a programme which I have grown up watching! Seeing some of the props that they used was one of those moments when you just stand in awe of what is in front of you, and it was so nice to experience it with such a lovely tour group and tour guide – who all equally loved Friends just as much as me!


So what exactly is included in a ticket to Friends Fest? With a ticket, you get your entry to your tour slot, which tends to last about half an hour. The tour itself takes you around the 3 different apartments and the iconic Freinds hallway, with Ross’ apartment being a new addition to the Friends Fest tour this year. You get 10 minutes in each apartment, and you can take as many pictures as your phone storage will let you take. I personally, took 864 photos, and I challenge anyone to beat that. Let me know if you took more because you are the sort of person I need in my life! Besides the tour, there is so much more you can do, and there is no time frame on the rest! Visit Central Perk and have a drink, play a bit of Smelly Cat, sit and watch Friends on a big screen while eating some character themed food, go and recreate the famous opening scene and Pivot, or even go and spend hundreds in the gift shop! It really is a day that every Friends fan needs to experience!

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