Blood Brothers! A review…

DB55AF48-84AC-4214-93AA-9CC5BC1D1764I Blood Brothers. A musical full of laughs, heartbreak, drama, suspense, and most importantly meaningful messages. Now, I’ve seen Blood Brothers around the North West with my dad since I can remember, it’s kind of our thing – Blood Brothers comes to town, so do we! So naturally my dad and I were very excited to head to The Regent for our 17th time watching Blood Brothers! 

Willy Russell’s Blood Brothers is one of a kind, a play that will certainly leave a lasting impression on you. Throughout, your gripped to the storyline, rooting for the characters happiness, and subconsciously being educated on the extremely large divide of social classes. 

I think, when you’ve seen a play so many times like I have with Blood Brothers, you tend to become attached to certain characters, and you find yourself not wanting to accept change. Mrs Johnstone is played by Linzi Hateley; a different actress to when I last saw the production. At first, I was reserved about her because I’d grown to love the previous actress so much. However, seconds into the opening number I was converted. Linzi Hateley is effortlessly talented, and portrayed the character of Mrs Johnstone incredibly well. She’ll have you laughing, crying, and falling in love with the character. 

The story of Blood Brothers itself, although is 30 years old, is still incredibly relevant to a modern day society. Following the lives of Mickey Johnstone and Eddie Lyons the play shows the difference between classes of these two boys, and just how that impacts their life and future choices. Oh, did I forget to mention they’re twins? Rewind to the beginning. Mrs Johnstone, couldn’t afford to keep both her twins, so have one away to Mrs Lyons – who then pulled of Eddie being her own son, very successfully! The mums both wanted to sons to be kept separate, but the boys kept bumping into each other, some would say fate!

Another one of my favourites, Sean Jones who plays Mickey. I am so honoured to have seen Sean in this character so many times, because he truly does capture the role of both 7 year old (nearly 8!) Mickey to a mental health struck man effortlessly – and his characterisation is that good you feel like you’ve just watched him grow up before your eyes.  Daniel Taylor is a favourite of my dad and I – in fact, there’s not much me and my dad agree on but Daniel Taylor being our joint favourite is one of them! So naturally, we were thrilled to see he is still in Blood Brothers because he honestly makes the show every single time for us both! Has us laughing for hours on end! 

The entire cast of Blood Brothers each individually fit their characters exceptionally well. Usually, with a play there’s always one person you question if they suit the character for. However, not Blood Brothers. Breathtaking acting that truly captures the audience and takes you with them on their emotional journey through life. With little surprises (top top… be ready to jump at the end!) and some pretty hard hitting scenes, you’ll be a fool to miss the chance to see Blood Brothers at The Regent while it’s here! Make sure you catch it before it leaves on 27th October. Tickets can be found here!

*as always I was invited down complimentary by the Regent theatre, but all views remain my own.

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