Turtle Bay’s Summer Sound Clash // #gifted

BI was kindly #gifted a meal at Turtle bay during their Summer Sound Clash in Manchester to sample their new menu and experience their Summer Sound Clash. Although the experience was gifted, all opinions remain my own.


The way to my heart is certainly through food, so when I got invited to Turtle Bay to sample their new menu, naturally I was extremely excited! What was even more exciting was that I’d be there during their Summer Sound Clash festival, a festival that is taking place in 7 of their restaurants across July and August.

  • Brixton : 4th – 7th July
  • Leeds : 18th – 21st July
  • Manchester : 1st – 4th August
  • Swansea: 11th – 14th July
  • Bristol : 15th – 18th August
  • Chelmsford : 22nd – 25th August

Summer Sound Clash brings the Caribbean sunshine to the (dare we say typically rainy!) UK! The free event brings authentic reggae vibes to life, and I’m all for that! Who wouldn’t want a live DJ playing some absolute belters while you’re enjoying delicious food?! The new menu still features the classic dishes, but also gives you something new to try if you fancy branching out! To see the full menu, check out Turtle Bay’s Website.

Now, I’ve been craving Mac and Cheese for WEEKS, and when I saw that there was Mac and Cheese on the menu, I felt like all my Christmas’ had come at once, and it’d be rude not to have bacon on top wouldn’t it?! The portion size was so good! Normally when you have Mac and Cheese, like the experienced Mac and Cheese lover I am, the portion isn’t enough and I’m always left wanting more, but this portion was perfect! And the food was to die for!! I’d totally recommend the Mac and Cheese to anyone who loves cheese! I mean just look how nice it looks!


My friend opted for a burger and a side of spicy fries, and we both cleaned up on both our plates! The fries were so tasty, sometimes I find with spicy fries they can be quite overwhelming and after a few you stop enjoying them, but these had just the right amount of spice, and next time I think I’ll order a side of fries too! Something that I really enjoyed about our meal was the live DJ, we went on a Friday night, so it really started the night off perfect! We didn’t have to wait long for our food to arrive and our waitress was so lovely, constantly making sure we were okay and checking we didn’t need anything! The atmosphere in Turtle Bay was fantastic and before this experience, I’d never actually been in for food, but boy will I be back soon, and I’ll be rocking my turtle bay sunglasses I was kindly given too!


I’d like to thank Turtle Bay for kindly inviting me down, and I encourage everyone to go and check out the new menu if you’re near one!! As you can tell my recommendations quite clearly lie with the Mac and Cheese! Let me know if you go; i’m Always up for seeing people’s food!


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