Back To The Future… The Musical – Launch Event

The question that every Back To The Future fan has always asked is certainly one along the lines of “will there ever be a fourth movie?”, and have always been left longing for more when the answer has been a firm no. But now, the Back To The Future lovers have something new, something fresh, something which is exceptionally exciting… a Back To The Future musical.

I was kindly invited down to spend the afternoon with the Back To The Future cast as they gave us an insight as to what to expect when the musical hits Manchester in Feb 2020, and I’ll I’m going to say is I wish I had the ability to travel in time so I could skip to next year to watch the full musical!

Screen Shot 2019-10-20 at 20.53.30.png

The hit 1985 movie is now ready to make its debut on to the stage, starting with a 12 week stretch in Manchester at Manchester Opera House in Feb 2020. Bob Gale and Robert Zemeckis, creators of the original film, have converted the globally successful and somewhat iconic film to fit the stage and have promised that there will be special effects like no other to make the audience feel like they are travelling through time, and like they are part of movie history.

The stage production will feature all the movie’s well- known hits, including The Power of Love, Earth Angel and Back In Time, so you just know you’re going to be off your seat, on your feet, and dancing along to this timeless classic. We were treated to some snippets of the musical, with the cast performing some of the musical numbers for us, and as I looked around the room I saw faces (young and old) full of happiness and certainly reliving their childhood.

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I think the biggest and best surprise has to have been when Christopher Lloyd, the actor who played the original Dr Emmett Brown in Back To The Future, made a guest  arrival to hand over the keys to the beloved DeLorean time machine to multi award-winning actor, Roger Bart  who will be playing the role in the Back To The Future Musical. It was wonderful hearing Christopher Lloyd talk about his role with such passion and was somewhat surreal that he was standing on the stage before me after spending so many years as a child watching him!

Screen Shot 2019-10-20 at 20.53.54.png

Back To The Future The Musical will debut at Manchester Opera House in Feb 2020, and you can be there! For tickets to the production click here.  Make sure you get your tickets fast to ensure that you’re there and ready to experience a piece of history.

I would like to say a huge thanks to Manchester Opera House for inviting me down, I had the best time and left humming songs, and desperate to see how this amazing film is going to be put on to the stage! Although I was kindly invited down, all opinions remain my own. 

If you want to see a sneak snippet of one of the songs head over to my Instagram and go on the blog story highlights where you can have a little look!

All that’s left to say is see you next year!

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