Interview: Scott McGlynn

Being categorised in The Guardian's Top 100 LGBT Inspiring People is amazing, as is being a successful Author, Journalist and Celebrity Interviewer, and Scott McGlynn is all of the above. I really wanted to have a chat with Scott as I have seen how much of a powerful speaker he is, and really wanted to … Continue reading Interview: Scott McGlynn

Interview: JJ Hamblett

JJ Hamblett is arguably known for being one-fourth of one of England's biggest boy bands Union J. But, what is JJ like behind the cameras and off the stage? I was extremely lucky to get the opportunity to go to  London to interview him, and I was greeted by the most humble, genuine and humorous … Continue reading Interview: JJ Hamblett

Interview with Love Island’s Liana Isadora: Breaking Stereotypes

It is very certain that one reality TV show has captured the nation and taken us all on a Love Island roller coaster. With people religiously watching the show, catching up on the latest arguments, heart breaks, couples and sly comments, it is very clear that the audience of Love Island fully got attached to the show. … Continue reading Interview with Love Island’s Liana Isadora: Breaking Stereotypes