Gabby Fabrizio

Hello there! 

Welcome to my portfolio where I’ve put together a little insight into what I can produce on behalf of any press events/launch events attended, any collaborations, interviews or reviews etc. Please, feel free to take a look round, there are lots of examples for you to explore! If you want to know any more, do not hesitate to contact me back on my email or on any of my social media platforms linked below!

Instagram Main Feed Posts & Stories 

When attending any events or interviewing anyone, I’m happy to cover the lead up to it, during it and after on my Instagram Stories, which I make as engaging and eye-catching as possible. In addition to this, I can do a main feed Instagram post to compliment the stories. I have attended lots of prestigious events as press such as Parklife Festival, Fusion Festival, Musical Launches including The Band Musical & Pantos, Music events such as Key 103 & Free Radio Live, Launches of products including new menus at Turtle Bay & Sean Maloney eyelash launch. For all these events I have also complimented the Instagram posts and stories with an additional blog post.

Main Feed Posts: 
On average, I get between 150-350 likes per photo, depending on upload time and content in the photo. Please see below some examples of different style main feed posts that are on my Instagram.

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On average I get 190-500 views on my stories, depending on the number of stories uploaded that day. Please see some examples of different style stories that I have previously uploaded to my Instagram.

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Blog Posts: Reviews & Interviews 

I am an experienced interviewer and can conduct interviews through the many different ways including face-to-face, email, phone call, skype etc. I can work around you and your needs. I have interviewed both well known and upcoming people in the public eye. For all my interviews and to see my interview style, please click here to be taken to the interview section of my blog.

Social Media Platforms Stats 

*Stats updated regularly, last updated Friday 1st May 2020.

I post content across my Twitter, Blog & Instagram, which have a collective following of over 20k followers.

Twitter: @gabbyfabrizio (8,901 followers)

Screen Shot 2020-05-01 at 13.04.13


Instagram: @gabbyfabrizio  (3,847 followers) 

Screen Shot 2020-05-01 at 13.05.29


Screen Shot 2019-10-25 at 16.37.11

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